Democrats win control of the House in 2018 midterms

Donald Trump

Republicans automatically retain control of at least 42 of their Senate seats that are not up for election this year, so it will be hard but not impossible, for Democrats to win the majority. Republicans are expected to hold 52 Senate seats and to retain their majority.

Despite a seemingly energized grassroots electorate, the Democratic Party has been viewed as a long shot to take back control of the Senate where Republicans now hold a narrow majority of 51 seats to 49 seats for Democrats.

"Thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in America", Pelosi said, adding that the election was about restoring "checks and balances" to government.

Even with Democrats looking likely to pick up around 30 seats in the House, it's perhaps most notable how many GOP members were able to survive.

Trump and his allies have been working to whip up conservative voters into a furor ahead of the midterms. GOP House leadership elections are on track to take place the week after the midterm elections. Democratic candidates and their outside supporters are expected to spend more than $2.5 billion on this year's election, according to the Center For Responsive Politics.

Fernando Rivera, a 53-year-old small-business owner in Miami, said he voted for all Republicans because he wants Congress to support Trump and his economic policies.

Obama, still hoarse from days of campaigning, told volunteers that issues like health care and opportunities for working families are "on the ballot", along with the nation's character.

Striking a dark tone at a rally in IN on Monday evening, Trump accused Democrats of "openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overrun our country". "He acknowledged the Leader's call for bipartisanship in her victory remarks".

Gallup found that 83% of Republicans predicted that the GOP would keep its Senate majority on Election Day, while only 49% of Democrats believed their party would obtain a majority in the Upper House. Also, more said they showed up at the polls to express opposition than did those who said they were casting a ballot to support him.

US President Donald Trump has taken credit for the stock market's gains during his almost two years in the White House, and those claims are reasonable given the impact of tax cuts and pro-business policies on investor sentiment.

Polls are also closed in parts of in, where Democrat Joe Donnelly, a top target of the President's frenetic final midterm election campaign swing, is fighting an uphill battle for re-election against Republican Mike Braun.

Facebook also blocked about 115 user accounts after U.S. authorities tipped it off to suspicious behaviour that may be linked to a foreign entity, the company said hours voting began.

Those House races, along with several others in states where polls had closed, were being watched for insights into whether Trump can push forward with his agenda unimpeded or find himself restrained by a Democratic-controlled House. Wexton was among the record number of women running this year. This means that the Republicans have to defend an unusually large number of open seats. Others lambasted their Republican opponents for taking money from drug companies and health insurers.

Democrats' House and Senate campaign arms raised more than their Republican counterparts, and individual candidates raked in the cash, fueled by small-dollar contributions made online. At least three other red districts flipped to blue. Democrat Tammy Baldwin easily held her seat there and Republican Gov. Scott Walker trails in his bid to be re-elected as governor.

Democrats failed to defeat a vulnerable incumbent in Kentucky, where Republican Rep. Andy Barr won over former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath.

Outside Richmond, Virginia, one-time tea party favorite Rep. Dave Brat faced an unusually strong challenge from Democrat Abigail Spanberger, a former Central Intelligence Agency operative motivated to run for office after the GOP vote to gut the Affordable Care Act. From 6 7 p.m., insiders will have their eyes on Lexington, where Republican incumbent Andy Barr is up against Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, a retired Marine. Many of those tossups will be crucial to determining the exact majority for Democrats and whether Pelosi can hold onto her position.

The volatile campaign was marked by clashes over race, immigration and trade. All 435 House seats are up for grabs today.

See the results below for all of the House and Senate races in this interactive graphic, which we'll be updating live throughout the night as they come in. "We just can't let that happen, because it's un-American".