Midterm elections in pictures 2018: Who will win the election TODAY?

President Trump rally

Trump and Obama are the most popular figures in their parties, and their appearances on the campaign trail are created to stoke enthusiasm among core supporters in the late stages of a midterm congressional election widely seen as a referendum on Trump's first two years in the White House.

"Because America has voluntary voting, not like Australia's compulsory voting, a lot more of it involves convincing your side to turn out and vote, rather than convincing undecided voters in the centre to support you", Dr Shaun Ratcliff from the US Studies Centre told Weather could affect turnout, with residents of several states in the Deep South and Mid-Atlantic contending with thunderstorms, high winds and power outages.

The Republican party now has a majority in both the Senate and the House and Trump and his team left no stone unturned to campaign in favour of his Republican party. She cast her ballot for all Democrats, citing Mr. Trump's stirring of racial and political tension.

And Trump knows this election will impact the future of his agenda - specifically, in nominating and confirming conservative judges.

Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics also had some possible good news for the GOP, noting, "There really are believable scenarios that don't require Republicans to win districts that they have written off. Republicans have to catch some breaks, but they don't have to catch breaks in ways that shock and surprise us".

Should Democrats fail tomorrow, the argument about what kind of progressive party they should be will start again.

Democrats are favored to win more House seats than they now have and they need an overall gain of 23 to retake the House majority.

They need to claim an additional 23 seats, which most analysts agree is achievable.

Through the middle of October, Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign filings disclosed that $4.7 billion had already been spent on the 2018 midterms, and spending was on track to hit $5.2 billion by November 6.

Kevin Mack, the lead strategist for the group, said voters it had surveyed were more motivated by antipathy for Trump than anything else, and that Democrats remained too "risk-averse". It all depends on how accurately they have predicted voter turnout.

"The character of our country is on the ballot", former president Barack Obama said on Twitter on Monday.

'There are so many people in the House, ' Trump vented Sunday, saying he had focused his efforts on the Senate, in a move observers took as a step at managing expectations and avoiding blame.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot.

Another 36 states will also elect governors as well as numerous seats in their state legislatures.

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress, are up for grabs, as well as 35 seats in the 100-member Senate. "You see how they've behaved". Few experts anticipate any problems in Congress even if the Republicans lose the House; it's less an issue of "if" than of "when.' And 'when" is important, given the ongoing impact of tariffs - deferred, to a degree, by a strong domestic economy - and USA farmers keen to have access to export markets in Mexico and Canada.

While the economy continues to thrive, Trump has spent much of the campaign's final days railing against a caravan of Latin American immigrants seeking asylum at the USA border. The president also said soldiers would use lethal force against migrants who throw rocks, before later reversing himself.

The president spoke to reporters on the airport tarmac here alongside Donnelly's opponent, Republican Mike Braun, ensuring he would get his picture on TV and in the papers. "Health care for millions of people".

Fact-checker sites state that Trump got 41 percent of the female vote in that election, though he did get 52 percent of votes from white women.

Most top House races are set in America's suburbs where more educated and affluent voters in both parties have soured on Trump's presidency, despite the strength of the national economy.

Unusually steep totals for Republicans, Democrats and Independents have surged this year, all propelled by voting for or against President Trump and his policies.

"I'm not pleased with Trump's leadership at all".

"I think they will be both miserable and emboldened", says Rove.

"If trade frictions reduce, that allows the market focus to shift back on strong U.S. growth; and also ease pressure on global growth and in our view would lead to a stronger eventual rally".

"They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want", the president said, according to a pool report.

Ms. Grover, a survivor of sexual assault who works for a nonprofit that helps other victims, was angered by the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.