Trump heads to Georgia, Tennessee with 2 days until midterms

Media more to blame for dividing US than Trump new poll suggests

Carson City Elections Deputy Aubrey Rowlatt said more than 20 people were in line at any one time to cast early ballots on Friday, the last day of early voting. "Senior White House officials are actually making overtures to key Democrats ahead of the midterms, to try to talk about an infrastructure deal". Democrats could capture the House.

The list included two former presidents (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama), Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder; a former CIA director; a former director of National Intelligence; two likely Democratic presidential candidates in 2020; a black congresswoman whom Trump frequently describes as "low IQ" (a common racist charge); two prominent Jewish billionaire philanthropists, one of whom, George Soros, is a frequent target of Trump and the subject of various right-wing conspiracy fantasies; and the actor Robert De Niro (who began his speech at this year's Tony Awards ceremony by declaring, "F**k Trump"). And he warned two such groups heading for the U.S. -Mexico border is full of "bad hombres".

The immigration and crime ads have reached a new peak in the waning days of the campaign, with Trump labeling a migrant caravan consisting largely of women and children an "invasion", and other Republicans picking up on the theme. Democrats are defending 10 Senate seats in states Trump carried in 2016. Democrat Rashida Tlaib, running unopposed in MI, is set to become among the first two Muslim women and first Palestinian American to be elected to Congress, while Democrat Deb Haaland of New Mexico could become the first Native American woman elected to Congress. They promised hardline immigration policies and more tax cuts, arguing that Democrats would erase two years of progress.

When the cycle started, Republicans hoped they would pick up as many as five Senate seats, but most of these races are still very close. A swing of even half that size on Tuesday would easily award the party control of the chamber. Republicans have turned out in midterms in recent years while Democrats tended to stay at home.

While Donnelly will campaign Sunday in Gary with former President Barack Obama, the approaching midterms also have President Trump keeping up a busy pace. When the President's party controls Congress, it is easier for him to push his legislative agenda through than if the Opposition controlled both or even one House: this is especially the case today when there has been a near complete breakdown of bipartisanship and political divisions are deepening.

But while the signs look good for the Democrats in the House, the Senate is another story.

As for the Senate, 35 seats out of 100 are at stake for six-year terms. "We Democrats have to make it clear who we are".

In North Dakota - which Mr Trump won by 36 points in 2016 - Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, 63, is fighting for her political survival against Republican Kevin Cramer. But that assumes that the party can hold the seats it already has.

The party also has to avoid defeats in states with large rural areas, such as North Dakota and in, where Mr Trump's base is growing louder. Florida is a toss-up. They will determine not just who controls Congress, but how American politics changes after these consequential midterms. Trump said the Democrats want to allow them all to enter the United States. They might not be able to pull that off.

Democrats face their toughest political map in decades in the Senate, which Republicans now control 51-49. "If Democrats win both of those, it seems very hard for Republicans to hold the majority".

In fact, if the Democrats can make a net gain of just one seat in this cycle, a majority in 2020 becomes all the easier. And Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said the party still has a "very narrow path" to a Senate majority despite facing the toughest Senate political map in 60 years. The country could still be in store for another surprise on Tuesday.

Democrats lead the early voting with 41 percent of the total turnout statewide to 38 percent for Republicans.

President Donald Trump ramped up his pre-midterm rhetoric at a rally Saturday in Big Sky Country, claiming that if Democrats do poorly in Tuesday's elections, they will simply "blame Russian Federation".