Pompeo Pushes Back Against GOPers Who Want Harsher Iran Sanctions

Iranian officials are betting on the unstable market conditions to beat US sanctions

"But they're not doing very well", he said.

The unilateral sanctions reintroduce some of the most crippling restrictions on Iran's oil, shipping and banking sectors and seek to penalise even non-US entities that do business with Iran.

The reimposition of the sanctions comes as the United States is focused on USA congressional and gubernatorial elections on Tuesday.

Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday at parliament that the Trump administration's decision to restore sanctions was already having an effect.

Iranian leaders called the sanctions "illegal" and said they would only hurt ordinary people. Campaigning in Chattanooga, Tenn., late on Sunday, Trump said his "maximum pressure" policy against Iran was working. "I don't want to do that", Mr. Trump said last week in an interview with The Washington Times.

Pompeo wouldn't say if India and China are receiving waivers, or if they'd delivered commitments to stop their buying. In a written response to the opposition Free Democratic Party, the economic affairs ministry acknowledged that the European Union's Blocking Statute - a legal countermeasure to sanctions, passed in June - was mostly a "political symbol".

The sanctions end all the economic benefits America granted Tehran for its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, though Iran for now continues to abide by the accord that saw it limit its enrichment of uranium.

He said: "America has launched an economic and psychological war as a last resort".

"We are making it abundantly clear to the Iranian regime that they will face mounting financial isolation until they fundamentally change their destabilizing behavior", Mnuchin told reporters.

Another signatory to the nuclear deal, China, has said it regrets the the re-imposition of sanctions and that its lawful trade with Iran should be respected.

Secretary Pompeo noted in his statement today that the SREs were being granted to the eight jurisdictions (to be named November 5) "only because they have demonstrated significant reductions in their crude oil and cooperation on many other fronts and have made important moves towards getting to zero crude oil importation. The US - and not Iran - is isolated", Zarif said in a tweet.

Rouhani did not mention the name of the leaders of the four countries. These are not permanent waivers, no way.

Late last week, US government officials signaled that the United States had granted waivers to eight countries to continue temporary buying Iranian oil, on the condition that they had significantly reduced purchases from Iran. The country has started to sell its oil to individual buyers through its Energy Bourse - a move that it hopes would enable it to maintain its oil exports.

The countries will deposit Iran's revenue in an escrow account and the funds will be used for humanitarian purposes, according to USA officials.

In its hurry to apply as far-reaching sanctions as possible, the United States sanctioned at least one ship that no longer exists.

"Iran, right now, is in the escape and evasion mode".

Pompeo said the USA moves have "had an enormous impact already". "We are watching the Iranian regime with laser focus. The rial, the currency's declined about 70 per cent since the sanctions, inflation has quadrupled, the country is in recession", he said. Iranian imports of graphite, aluminum, steel, coal, gold and some software are also affected. Congressman Ted Poe praised Trump for the new sanctions.

This year, people have taken part in the rallies ever more enthusiastically to condemn Washington's anti-Iran policies as the U.S. government has made a decision to re-impose what it calls crippling sanctions on Tehran on November 5.