Is Theresa May Going This Week, Leaving Brexit Orphan?

British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives for a working dinner of EU leaders

European Union negotiators are looking at ways to promise Britain a customs deal that could stretch Brussels' Brexit red lines but might break a deadlock over the Irish border, EU sources close to the talks have told Reuters.

The Mail on Sunday was told May should "bring her own noose" if she comes to the backbench 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday, while another senior MP told the Sunday Times: "The moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted".

The prime minister also announced that there would be a weekly cabinet meeting for ministers to present updates on Brexit preparations and prepare for any scenario.

"There's also little room for manoeuvre in switching ships to other routes, as there are severe limitations on the ports and associated infrastructure capable of handling the intensity of vessel traffic". Those assurances had previously been simply that a political declaration on the future EU-UK relationship, due to be agreed this year alongside the withdrawal treaty that would smooth Britain's March exit, would state that a way would be found to avoid customs posts. The stalemate has heightened fears that the United Kingdom might leave without a deal in place, leading to chaos at ports and economic turmoil.

He said: "Britain has always had difficulties with the metric system".

"However, time is running short", said the review.

"Organised criminals and others are likely to be quick to exploit any perceived weaknesses or gaps in the enforcement regime", the report said.

It added: "Border management is fundamentally important to national security, effective trade, tourism, well-managed migration, healthy communities and the environment".

The former Brexit secretary insisted "we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by the EU" and warned the bloc has plenty to lose from a no-deal Brexit.

"A backstop contingency plan to keep planes flying after March must be published, and quickly", he said. "The customs arrangement is different".

She added: "The UK government has made it quite clear to the EC that we are ready to commence discussions on a future adequacy agreement, even if the commission has not indicated that it is yet ready to start such discussions".

Disagreement over a fallback plan for the border between the British province of Northern Ireland and European Union member state Ireland is the major sticking point in the Brexit talks.

Jittery markets closely watched May's speech to parliament, at which she is expected to say that 95 percent of the Brexit divorce deal has been settled.

The UK Prime Minister has previously said that one idea is to extend the UK's transition period beyond 2020, but she said this was "undesirable" and would have to end "well before" May 2022.

Theresa May must clarify if the proposed extension to the Brexit transition period serves as an alternative to the EU's demand for a backstop, Sammy Wilson has said.

Theresa May's Cabinet is said to be far from reaching a new Brexit plan.

The vote will be called if committee chairman Sir Graham Brady receives letters from at least 48 Conservative MPs calling for her departure. The required number now stands at 48; only committee chief Graham Brady knows how many have been submitted.