Health authorities give tips for fighting flu

Laura Sidari and her family prioritized getting the flu shot after her 4-year-old son left died last year of influenza

With flu season around the corner, your health care providers, employers, pharmacists and others are sounding the annual reminder: "Get your annual flu shot". "We're nowhere near peak and that won't be for usually another month".

Because flu viruses change continuously, we have also invested heavily in this year's flu programme, introducing two new vaccines to offer even greater protection to those most at risk.

Fact: The CDC recommends flu shots for everyone six months and older, ideally by the end of October. The state recorded 227 deaths last flu season, which was the most on record for the past three decades. Beyond that, everyone else would just need the regular single dose.

ESR virologist Sue Huang is at the forefront of a Kiwi-led study that could be instrumental in developing a universal five year flu vaccine.

With influenza season creeping around the corner, Williamson County and Cities Health District is encouraging the public to keep themselves healthy during flu season.

"Demand for the flu vaccine from under 65s has been high across Scotland, however Global Positioning System in Forth Valley are able to order supplies in line with local requirements". It makes recommendations about what strains of the virus the flu vaccine should contain, and then individual countries decide which viruses the vaccine in their country will contain. With this campaign, Chandler said it plans to dissolve some misconceptions regarding flu vaccinations.

So if the season is expected to be mild, why get the shot?

"It means a person's body is reacting to the vaccine", Taege said.

People most at risk for the flu are young children, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.

While the weather is now feeling more like spring than fall, it's that time of the year again where people are encouraged to get their flu shots.

"Last year was bad", Guy said.

However, it doesn't matter how contained or widespread flu outbreaks may be, the best way to combat the disease is to get a flu vaccine and practice good hygiene, said Dr. Keith Ramsey, medical director of Vidant Medical Center Infection Control.

You can find more info on that here.

Don't know whether you have a cold or the flu? If you're not sick but are around people who have the flu, wearing a surgical mask can help protect you from getting infected as long as it's tight-fitting.

There are a couple of options to get vaccinated to prevent the flu.

"You can not get the flu from a flu shot..."