Recreational Marijuana Is Legal In Canada Today: Here Are The Rules

NEW First Legal Recreational Cannabis in Canada Sold in NL

There are roughly 85 dried-flower strains of cannabis and a selection of oils, capsules and pre-rolls available for purchase at the store.

Shopify, which is powering numerous provincial online stores, says it is seeing more than 100 cannabis orders per minute. But then no one's actually going to be that compliant.

"I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall".

Ontario passed its cannabis legislation Wednesday, firmly establishing the right to smoke marijuana in public in the province hours after recreational use of drug became legal across Canada.

Clarke has been dealing marijuana illegally in Canada for 30 years.

Becky Prete drove from Kelowna to be among the first customers at the BC Cannabis Store.

Cars drove by honking their horns, a few shouting "Happy Cannabis" at the excited crowd.

"I don't need to be a criminal anymore, and that's a great feeling", Canadian singer Ashley MacIsaac said outside a government run shop in Nova Scotia. Over 100 people braved the cold and wind in the province's capital St. John's, lining up outside a Tweed-branded store owned by Canopy Growth Corp., the world's most recognized cannabis producer.

Attorney General Caroline Mulroney has stressed that safety and privacy are priorities for the government when it comes to online sales.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the province's government-run online store had processed 38,000 orders by mid morning.

"This is a marked day, but this has been a six- or seven-year build and a whole bunch of people who shouldn't be forgotten", Linton said.

Several customers stood in line before sunrise waiting for B.C.'s only recreational cannabis store to open in Kamloops.

"Although medical and recreational marijuana may be legal in some USA states and Canada, the sale, possession, production, and distribution of marijuana or the facilitation of the aforementioned remain illegal under US federal law", he said.

Bough also said enforcement of marijuana use rules falls under different bodies, and also vary depending on specific municipal bylaws.

The Vienna-based International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said, "The legalization by Canada of cannabis for non-medical purposes is incompatible with the legal obligations incumbent on states parties under the international drug control framework".

Christopher Perry with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has told a news conference in Detroit that officials don't anticipate asking Canadian travellers routine questions about their pot use.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that the day marked the end of "the failed prohibition of marijuana" in Canada and that legalization would take power from organized crime and prevent young people from accessing the drug.

He said part of the delay in opening stores was due to the provincial pledge that local governments will make the final decision about the types of stores - whether public or private - as well as locations and the number of retail cannabis outlets that will be allowed in their communities.

Until now, simple possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana has been punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail.

Whether the selection of cannabis products, and pricing, will be enough to entice existing cannabis users away from the illicit market remains to be seen.

"The reality is, like it or hate it, you guys are getting a first-mover advantage", he said of the Canadian industry.

Blain Lawson, CEO of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, said the store's windows meet a Health Canada regulation that prohibits product being visible from the street.

Hundreds more license applications are now under review by officials.

"A Canadian citizen working in or facilitating the proliferation of the legal marijuana industry in Canada, coming to the US for reasons unrelated to the marijuana industry will generally be admissible to the USA", according the CBP statement. "That needs to stop and that's exactly what we have done".