Feinstein 'Absolutely' Supports Revisiting Kavanaugh Allegations, She Says in Debate

Dems shift line of attack warning of GOP threat to Medicare

Mrs. Trump said that would be a "disaster" for the country, since it would lead to the impeachment of the president and the halting of his agenda.

We are proud of her vote in favor of confirmation and honor her critical role in giving us another unbelievable jurist for the Supreme Court bench: Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

That independence, he said, has assisted the court in the past in making great and correct decisions, such as Brown v. Board of Education or West Virginia v. Barnett. Kondik said the most vulnerable member of the cycle is a Democrat, Doug Jones of Alabama.

In a speech at the University of Minnesota, Roberts said he wasn't there to criticize Congress or the executive branch.

The program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, has been in place for six years and allows young undocumented immigrants to live, work and study legally in America.

Roberts appeared as part of a lecture series named for former University of Minnesota Law School dean Robert Stein. "Witchcraft has always been practiced by people who are cast out, harmed by society and have to make their own way", Bracciale said.

Six prospective federal judges testified at Wednesday's hearing, most notably Allison Jones Rushing, 36, of North Carolina, who is nominated to serve on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Women say the episode draws them toward Democrats over Republicans by a 16-point margin, while men are more evenly split.

"Here's what I want every Democratic candidate for the Senate to be asked tomorrow: Do you agree with Dianne Feinstein?".

Kavanaugh has denied multiple allegations of sexual assault, which came to light during his Supreme Court nomination hearings.

The RNC's third-quarter total is about 35 percent higher than the $41.5 million the party raised in the second quarter - and its total haul this cycle amounts to $269.9 million, Politico reported.

Roberts noted that he quoted Dylan's written lyrics, leaving out the "ain't" that the artist adds when he sings it. In an episode of NY magazine Daily Intelligencer's 2038 podcast, Dahlia Lithwick talks about what the court might look like in 20 years.