Canadians duty-free limit increases to $150 following USMCA deal

Dairy Farmer: Trump’s USMCA Trade Deal Will Have 'Huge Impact'

Canada's farmers say that a government pledge to cover dairy losses from a new trade deal struck with the USA will probably fall short of what they need.

"We want to make Ontario open for business".

Wiens said the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) agreement further opens up Canada's dairy industry to us farmers.

He says Canada will work to protect local industries from USA producers flooding the market with steel and aluminum.

The USMCA has prompted widespread calls for compensation to dairy farmers, both from producers and conservative-leaning politicians.

He was skeptical about federal promises of compensation - Ottawa has promised to reimburse farmers affected by USMCA, but on Tuesday had no details - because he said similar offers under CETA and the TPP require farmers to apply for relief and they don't receive straight payments.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh elaborates on Andrew Scheer's points and says the costs of prescription drugs will go up under the new agreement.

"We're not done yet, it's not signed", he said.

"We need to keep going and not let our foot off the gas", added Nelson.

Also, steep tariffs that Trump imposed in May on steel from Canada and Mexico are still in effect; Robertson says Canada was hopeful the trade agreement could help change that.

Our government will be speaking directly with industry representatives from Ontario's steel, aluminum, auto and agriculture sectors to determine the impacts of this deal.

Concern for Ontario dairy farmers was also on the mind of Premier Doug Ford.

"Since Prime Minister Trudeau did not give in on key issues, I don't think he'll pay a political price at the polls next year", Belanger said.

"We remain optimistic that the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement will create continued opportunities for trade between our three nations", Wilson said in the letter.

Flanked by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland who led the Canadian negotiating team, he welcomed Mexico's concessions on auto worker wages, an exemption for Canada's cultural industries, and the keeping of binational dispute resolution panels on which he'd staked his political future.

The new deal will see Canada's duty-free amount go from $20 to $150, meaning Canadians shopping for United States goods online will not have to pay duty on purchases that are $150 or less. A similar agreement between Mexico and the United States preserves duty-free access to the USA market for vehicles that comply with the agreement's rules of origin.

It's essentially status quo for Saskatchewan's major exports into the USA, including oil, potash, uranium, canola and wheat. Canada used Chapter 19 provisions to fight the US during past softwood lumber disputes. "Certainty a threat to have deadline to me is an arbitrary deadline, but I'm not going to second guess the Canadian negotiators until we had a chance to really go through this agreement", said Angus.

The uncertainty felt by many producers could linger into the next decade, as the new agreement includes a clause calling for it to be reviewed after six years.