Happy Birthday Google: Search giant celebrates 20th birthday with a doodle

Google Lens is coming to Image search results

The tech giant is adding a new "Journeys" feature, which is meant to keep track of users' searches about particular topics.

"Rather than presenting information within a set of predetermined categories, we can intelligently show the subtopics that are most relevant to what you're searching for and make it easy to explore information from the web, all with a single search", said Nick Fox, vice president of product and design, search, and assistant.

It's all thanks to the vaunted Page Rank algorithm we've all heard about.

Google sees billions of queries every day, and they say that 15 percent of queries are ones they've never seen before. The changes will be rolled out on a gradual basis. The current operations of Google deal in smartphones, mobile applications, software, online shopping, as well as artificial intelligence. "We'll also suggest related search terms at the top of the page for more guidance", Google adds. The first Google Doodle was put up when the Google team took off to attend the Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

The same year, Google launched Gmail, providing internet users an inbox with 1GB of space, which was unheard of until then. Its research showed people were typically conducting multiple queries over many sessions to accomplish tasks like finding a job, planning a wedding, buying a vehicle, renting an apartment or planning a vacation.

It lets you pick up exactly where you left off, helping you retrace your steps through sites you may not even remember checking out.

Google Lens is also getting improvements as it migrates from Android to iOS and the web.

Its first Doodle was created before the company was even incorporated.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Google's search page, and the company is throwing in a new doodle and a bunch of silly search Easter eggs for you to type into the home page. Expanding the card will show you related searches as well as previous searches you've performed on the same topic. After tapping, the gift box plays a YouTube video that animates popular searches from around the globe over the past two decades. Also improving image results is Google Lens integration, which can scan the image (or part of it) and tell you more about it.

The cards that the Discover feed shows you will offer different ways of interacting with it. Google, too, is bringing "Stories" section to its "Discover".

'Enhancing Topics' is an update by Google to give extra information about the content you search.

According to Google, the content being delivered via Discover will be fresher than it has in the past. Tap on one of these videos and you can watch it in its entirety. If you use Search and come across an image that you want to delve deeper into, press on the Lens icon underneath it. As you scroll down the page, you will find categorized lists.