Google tunes search for prescience and pictures

Google is revamping search on its 20th anniversary – here are the most exciting new features

Google was under fire anew from privacy advocates for a change that automatically signs users into Chrome browsers on desktop computers when they sign into any of the company's other services such as Gmail or search. These queries guide the changes to the algorithm, each change is meticulously tested though before being rolled out to the public.

"We're still pushing the boundaries of available technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence". The company is marking the occasion and letting everyone know with a Google Doodle. Also improving image results is integration, which can scan the image (or part of it) and tell you more about it.

Google turned 20 this Thursday.

From checking for a spellcheck to searching about all the juicy details of any Hollywood drama or Royal Wedding, the Google has helped us to be updated with anything that is happening around the world. If it's not on Google, does it really exist at all? Google offers something similar: its Feed, accessible by clicking on the search box within an Android phone.

Google launched an Australian specific home page in 2002 on the domain, four years after the main site launched. The updates will aim to refine the most relevant and high quality information, attempt to anticipate future queries, and make searches more visual. From my own perspective, YouTube especially has real trouble with promoting fringe and conspiracy content, and I think Google is trying to make sure the sources in these stories are reliable and mainstream.

Google is an ever-changing entity when it comes to search.

The doodle for the contest can be made using crayons, clay, water colours, and graphic designs, incorporating G-O-O-G-L-E.

Certain content that appears in the Discover feed will also provide you with cards below of additional related content. Google says they won't show up every time or for every query, and users can edit and remove results from the Cards. Google says this discover icon will also appear in Search, and users can tap "Follow" to start seeing more about that topic in their feed. Google will then use things you've saved, and your history, in order to recommend new content for your collections, Fox said.

The Topic Layer is built by analyzing the content that exists on the web for a given topic to develop hundreds and thousands of subtopics, allowing Google to identify the most relevant articles and videos. There will be tags that show products, and other kinds of images, like stock images and do-it-yourself tutorials, so you'll be able find the sort of thing you're looking for faster.

Google has released a video with its doodle that shows the popular search for the last 20 years. This is critical to help you understand the page behind the image. The company was incorporated on September 4, founded 20 years ago.