J.K. Rowling, Jemele Hill & Others Call Out Racist Serena Williams Cartoon

Serena Williams fined $17,000 for US Open meltdown

US Open champion Naomi Osaka admits she is still coming to terms with her shock victory over Serena Williams.

Osaka pulled down her black visor to cover her face and hide her tears, while boos rang around the stadium.

Rinaldi, who typically asks two to three questions to both the victor and runner-up, first asked Williams about the match. Initially unhappy about being penalised for coaching from the stands, Williams was then given a point penalty for smashing her racket before Ramos took a game away from her after she called him a "thief'". In 2011, Williams' opponent Sam Stosur was awarded a key point, and thus the game, when an umpire ruled Williams yelling, "Come on", had hindered Stosur before she made contact with the ball.

Tetsuo, who has been watching Osaka play since she was 12 or 13, said he noticed how she has matured as a tennis player.

Australian cartoonist Mark Knight has been attacked as being a "racist" for depicting Serena Williams, now at the center of a storm over her on-court antics at the US Open, as a baby jumping on her racket.

Most commentators also deplored the fact that the controversy had the unintended effect of overshadowing what should have been a great moment of celebration and elation for Osaka, who had just won her first Grand Slam title.

Meanwhile, some Williams supporters have thanked her for highlighting the "unequal playing field" in sports for women. Her critics lambast her for being too outspoken, too aggressive, too big, too showy, too emotional.

Far from her player persona, Naomi is actually soft-spoken off-court. "To see her still being so dedicated and so committed to this sport, it's inspiring really to me and to many tennis players, both men and women, around the world".

One Tweet said: "It was straight up racism and sexism".

In an interview with GQ, it was noted that one of the first things she mentioned was Overwatch, a popular video game. "It doesn't change anything for me", she said.

But instead lots of attention has been focused on her competitor Serena Williams and her massive row with the umpire.

They were equally outraged by his depiction of Williams as they were of him "white washing" Osaka. There's no such thing as a ideal role model.

"There are others who understand, however, that this measure is somewhat debatable by relative and they are more inclined to warn you before punishing you".

During the trophy presentation after the final, Williams reaffirmed her role model status. Moratoglou later admitted that he had indeed been coaching but said that Osaka's coach had doing the same. "We have to stop this hypocrisy", he said. We're gonna get through this, and let's be positive. "So congratulations, Naomi. No more booing". I'm not a Serena fan. "Um, so yeah. I just sort of tune everything out and just try my best to complete the mission". He should have at least given her that courtesy.

And ultimately, Williams has paved the way for women like Osaka. In otherwise serious post-match press conferences, the reporters love her for your youthful candor.

"I'm here fighting for women's rights and women's equality". It all started to go downhill, however, when Osaka broke back again in the fifth game and Serena mangled her racquet in frustration.