Senators signal Kavanaugh appears on solid ground to win confirmation

MSNBC Plays Clip of Screaming Protesters at Kavanaugh Hearing as Harris Complains About Them Being Labeled ‘Hysterical’

Iowa Sen. and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley called Democrats' complaints of missing documents a "distraction" in the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's choice for Supreme Court justice.

Kavanaugh has taken a different tone during his confirmation hearings, stressing how hard it is to overturn a precedent such as Roe.

But with Trump's fellow Republicans holding a slim majority in the Senate, and with no sign of any of them voting against the nomination, it remains highly likely Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the lifetime job on the High Court despite Democrats histrionics. "They will say anything, and are only looking to inflict pain and embarrassment to one of the most highly renowned jurists to ever appear before Congress".

A coalition of groups opposing Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination urged activists across America to travel to Washington to disrupt his Senate confirmation hearings this week, and many answered the call.

Just like on Tuesday, there were sporadic interruptions of the hearing throughout the day by protesters in the Hart Building hearing room. Police temporarily closed off the hearing from additional spectators at one point, leaving some seats empty.

Trump told reporters at the White House he was pleased with the hearing and said: "The other side is grasping at straws". Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., on Thursday, Kavanaugh explained he was simply summarizing views of legal scholars, not offering his own view. So here's Kavanaugh as a Bush lawyer acknowledging that plainly, not even claiming the "unsettled law" position for himself but merely noting quite accurately that other legal scholars hold that view.

Republicans hope to confirm Kavanaugh in time for the first day of the new Supreme Court term, October 1. Some people want me to become a liberal because I disagree with President Trump. But he declined to say whether that case was properly decided.

Despite interruptions, senators plunged into their initial opportunity to publicly question Kavanaugh in what was expected to be a marathon day of examination.

The exchange between the two went on for a few minutes, as Harris, a former prosecutor, repeated her line of questioning and Kavanaugh said while he didn't remember, he did not know everyone employed at the law firm.

"No one is above the law in our constitutional system", he said.

The Trump administration announced it would withhold 100,000 pages of documents relating to Kavanaugh's time in the George W. Bush White House.

The interruptions, combined with shouting and screaming from hecklers in the audience, created a level of chaos that served to underscore the historical significance of Kavanaugh's appointment and the effect his presence on the court may have in the years to come. In response to Grassley's first question, about what makes a good judge, he invoked his mother, herself a judge. He put out his hand to Kavanaugh, who paused for a moment before turning away as a security guard stepped in. He condemned the spate of USA school shootings but defended an opinion he wrote questioning whether semi-automatic rifles could be banned.

"I am deeply troubled by your position on this issue, that history and tradition govern here, that any weapon in common use is protected", Blumenthal said. "That's what makes this issue hard".

Marc Kasowitz, one of the firm's partners, has long worked with Trump.

"I have no agenda in any direction", Kavanaugh told Durbin.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., critiqued U.S. President Donald Trump during his opening statement, citing a Twitter post last weekend that attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to convey his concerns about presidential power.

The Democrats weren't the only ones who recognized the importance of questions about Trump and the Russian Federation investigation.

On Wednesday, Kavanaugh's said the message of the decision, which he called one of the greatest moments in US judicial history, was clear.