Amazon Says US Prime Day Sales 'bigger Than Ever'

A record number of brown Amazon boxes will be landing on doorsteps this week

July 17 was the biggest sales day for smart home devices in Amazon history, with over a million devices sold.

Amazon's success is indisputable - though the platform started as a small online bookseller, it has now become one of the biggest online retailers out there.

The result came despite widespread site glitches Monday that frustrated Prime members trying to take advantage of deals during the manufactured shopping holiday. The Instant Pot, the 23andMe DNA test, and the LifeStraw rounded out the best sellers in the United States.

As with all sale events in India, there was a competing sale to Prime Day. It recently announced that the cost of Prime membership would go up, and the shopping day is a way to prove the value. Amazon confirmed late on Monday that its website was having issues that left many unable to purchase items, though it didn't elaborate on what caused them.

Other items on "lightning" sales show a countdown clock for time remaining on the deal, and a bar showing what percentage of the discount sales were still available. The team at Fast Comparison will be updating their site with the best Camera deals of Prime Day 2018 on an hourly basis.

MORE COUNTRIES: Amazon has been expanding its Prime membership around the world, and four new countries will be part of Prime Day this year: Australia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Even though the issues seemed to affect a large number of customers, problems like this are usually "not insurmountable", said Sucharita Kodali, an analyst at Forrester.

The way I read the whole press-release is that, yes, globally, Prime Day 2018 set a new record.

"Instead of building a loyalty program that is based on points, Amazon chose to charge a premium for clients willing to pay for a premium offering", he commented.

Smith added that it's easier for Amazon to heavily discount because of how it operates its supply chain and because private label products like devices, for example, have higher margins.

According to Coresight Research, Amazon was expected to bring in US$3.4 billion from Prime Day, up more than 40 percent from past year.

Last year, Prime Day lasted 30 hours and began at 9 p.m. ET. Just under $2 billion at 19% YoY growth, Memorial Day is on-par with Thanksgiving Day as an emerging online shopping day, according to the report. But now, the vice president of retail innovation at Aptos Retail said in an interview, Amazon is showing it is focusing on the things that consumers actually want, as opposed to what inventory needs to move out of warehouses.

"Prime Day has already been our biggest day ever". Target's one-day sale made Tuesday its most successful sales day of the year.

As previously reported, the e-commerce giant is facing claims of "bait marketing" from local retailers, citing unreasonably short timed-sales, or insufficient stock. In addition to boosting sales, the annual event also gives Amazon the opportunity to lure new Prime members and promote its own products.

If you went looking for deals on Amazon's Prime Day yesterday and only found error-pages with adorable dog images, you are not alone.