Trump blasts calls to abolish ICE, but could it really happen?

Ronald Vitiello

'When people, with or without children, enter our Country, they must be told to leave without our.Country being forced to endure a long and costly trial'. This was the question: "Many entering the US illegally claim asylum and are held here pending a review of their claim for asylum".

Cruz wrote that the police have received numerous complaints from nearby businesses and that they told protesters they could keep a personal-use amount of water.

President Donald Trump lashed out at Congress on Thursday, once again calling on lawmakers to "pass smart, fast and reasonable Immigration Laws" as soon as possible.

"We respect ICE. these are tough people". She is Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. The previous weekend she was in Reno speaking at the Nevada state Democratic Party Convention. "We're going to make this so much worse".

PRAMILA JAYAPAL: Thank you, Michel. What exactly are you proposing?

"Every day, the fearless men and women of ICE are liberating communities from savage gangs like MS-13", he tweeted Wednesday.

Those 40 and over are more strongly opposed to abolishing ICE than younger voters are. Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth said abolishing ICE wouldn't accomplish anything, since even without the agency, Trump would still be setting immigration policy. The letter calls for splitting the agency in two - one part for homeland security, the other for deportations.

MARTIN: So let's now go to the politics. "And yet he's the one who is ultimately responsible for sending in hundreds of police to violently disband a peaceful protest".

A new USA poll released on Tuesday found that nearly half of respondents thought President Donald Trump was racist.

MARTIN: So a couple of questions about this. "We will NOT stand for these vile Democrat smears in law enforcement".

Democrats, however, are now playing into the President's hands by providing evidence that they really want open borders. Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable. I think it's incredibly important to lay out our principles, our vision.

MARTIN: Well, you spoke of how this has been framed - I mean, the president does have a very large megaphone to frame issues.

In January, more than a dozen ICE agents signed an open letter that claimed the immigration crackdown made it more hard to conduct effective investigations into significant national security issues.

Representative Mark Pocan, Democrat of Wisconsin, drew a more specific parallel to family separation at the border and ICE's activities.

JAYAPAL: No, I totally agree with that.

Similarly, 60 percent of voters said they believe Democrats in Congress are more interested in exploiting immigration than finding a solution.

On the border crisis specifically, 60 per cent said that separating children from their parents was a violation of human rights.

The Senate candidate said there are millions of immigrants in the USA who are working the "crappiest jobs in this country that no person born in the United States of America is willing to take right now", and he wants them to be free from the fear of deportation.

JAYAPAL: Thank you, Michel.