Trump Visits Hill Republicans, But Passage Of GOP Immigration Bills Uncertain

Melania Trump ‘hates’ separating migrant kids from parents

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April that the administration would take a "zero tolerance" approach to illegal immigration, directing all USA attorneys who serve in districts along the United States' southern border with Mexico to criminally prosecute all cases of attempted illegal entry or illegal entry that are referred by DHS.

The images are striking: More than 2,000 children, separated from their parents and housed in cages, camps and a former Walmart.

To prosecute illegal migrants in the U.S.

Under those policies, children nabbed at the border with their parents generally can not be held in detention longer than 20 days.

Trump discussed immigration during remarks in front of the National Federation of Independent Business's 75th anniversary celebration.

The audio, in which children are heard pleading for their parents and other family members, was published Monday by ProPublica in an article by Ginger Thompson. "Until then, us as Border Patrol agents, we have a duty to enforce these laws and we'll continue to do it and until they change this law and hopefully they will". We do not want adults to bring children into this country unlawfully, either, placing those children at risk.

Trump planned to meet with Republican lawmakers later on Tuesday before votes expected this week on immigration legislation.

While top officials have also stood by Trump's "zero tolerance" approach, insisting children are being held in humane conditions, criticism has swelled from worldwide rights groups, Christian evangelicals, former United States first ladies and the president's own Republican Party. Trump has placed the act of family separation on Democrats.

A group led by Senator Orrin Hatch have written Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding a pause to the separations, while Senator John Cornyn was drafting what he called "emergency" legislation - backed by leadership - that would allow family units to remain intact during adjudication of their cases.

"This practice is cruel and contrary to American values", Cisco Systems Inc Chief Executive Chuck Robbins, who chairs the group's immigration committee, said in a statement. A reporter played the audio of children screaming after being separated from their parents-which had no visible effect on these monsters.

"We want a country with heart".

The administration argues it is necessary to prosecute illegal border crossers to keep them in government custody and make sure they are deported.

At his town hall, Burgess promised he'd work with Congress to reform the immigration system. "And it's an effort to extort a bill to their liking in the Congress". "I want border security".

Senate Republicans attempted to form a consensus on providing a solution to the Trump administration's policy of separating families who cross the US-Mexico border illegally, but a path forward still appears to be an insurmountable task.

After asking if Sanford was in the room, according to multiple members, Trump called him "nasty".

But it remains an open question how Trump will respond. Others thought Trump signaled he would vote for anything Congress can pass. House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., said Trump supported them more broadly.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, said Monday he would introduce a bill that would allow for faster hearings for people seeking asylum - and speedier deportation of those who don't qualify.

"We had a great meeting", Mr Trump called out as he left.

Both the House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans. Prosecutors' time is better spent fighting terrorism, human trafficking and drug smuggling than going after border jumpers, who would face a maximum sentence of just a year in prison.

As the immigration policy looms large in the national consciousness, border-state lawmakers are feeling the pressure from constituents who are outraged that children are being separated from their parents.