England fan thrown off car in Plymouth after celebrating win

What was his father thinking?’ Russian matryoshka doll-seller on Harry Kane’s name

Monday evening's game in Volgograd, which was decided by captain Harry Kane's injury-time header, had a 69.2 percent audience share at its peak, beating last month's royal wedding. "But I believe the best teams in the world have that belief in what they are doing and in the end they break teams down".

"I didn't want it to be so easy that we were walking over them", said Jonathan Phillips, from London and in Russian Federation for the first time, after it looked like the match would end in a draw until the last minute.

Other England fans tried to stop him, resulting in a "conflict", and the fan "did not obey (a policeman's) lawful demands to cease acts of hooliganism", police said. You can not trust us to recover from a bad result in the opening game.

Tunisia need a new game-plan if they are to avoid their usual fate of falling at the first hurdle of a World Cup.

When asked whether he was aware that Russians thought his name was a play on words, as it sounds like the word "hurricane", the Tottenham striker laughed: "I had no idea about that!".

"It is always in the back of your mind that it is going to be one of them days". With 90 minutes on the clock, the game was won in a very English way.

"We started well and then we slowed down a bit, but it was wonderful how we finished", he said. "Obviously when you look at the penalty they got..."

"They're going "hey Billy have you written your will?' And I'm like 'don't be ridiculous, it's going to be fine". I'd keep Maguire but ponder the mix.

"There were things within the game that we couldn't control tonight, but we reacted really well to them".

"It would have been so hard for them if they didn't get the win". I don't feel any extra pressure just because I'm wearing the armband.

"The first game is the one to win and I fully expect us to beat Panama".

"And in the second half we dominated the game and kept our patience and looked for good opportunities rather than just throwing the ball in the box and hoping".

The area around Volgograd is known for its swamps and wide rivers, the flawless breeding ground for insects during the hot and dry summer in the Russian south.

Speaking on Twitter, former England defender and coach Neville said "it's not fit for purpose" and added "either give the VAR refs more time and accept the delay OR the broadcasters have to be working with the VAR officials".