#SC1: Breaking Down The Donald Trump Endorsement

Candidates running for Governor

Republican Rep. Justin Amash, Sanford's fellow conservative and House Freedom Caucus member, fired back at Trump after his attack on Sanford.

That was evident earlier this week when GOP voters booted out incumbent Congressman Mark Sanford in Tuesday's primary elections.

Sanford became embroiled by scandal during his time as governor when he left the state unannounced, with staffers offering the now-famous explanation that the governor was hiking the Appalachian Trail. He's called out the president for his rhetoric, saying he was "partially to blame" for the kind of incivility that led to the shooting at the GOP congressional baseball team's practice previous year.

"On one level, you do what anyone does in the wake of a loss or a public failure", Sanford says of his loss.

When the votes were counted, Arrington pulled the upset.

"Sanford is the worst and has been against the President and our policies from Day One", the aide said. But because just a few hundred ballots denied Sanford the opportunity to compete in a run-off, one senior White House official said Trump's tweet likely played a decisive role in the race's outcome, despite the fact that the President did not send it until late in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a candidate for governor who had done her best to imitate President Donald Trump ultimately rubbed voters the wrong way, while a once-popular Richland solicitor fell victim to a swarm of allegations about sexual harassment allegations and improper spending.

Regardless of how it came about, no ambitious Republican wants to be the next Sanford, Jeff Flake, or Bob Corker - three Republicans who are leaving Congress at the end of the year as a result of disagreements with Trump.

Sanford said Tuesday night that he was "neither for nor against Trump" but maintained that he bases his decisions and comments on his political values.

"Bless his heart, but it's time for Mark Sanford to take a hike - for real this time", Arrington said in the ad.

Sanford was defeated by state Rep. Katie Arrington in Tuesday's primary. A few hours before the polls closed, the President tweeted Sanford was "nothing but trouble" and that he was "better off in Argentina."He endorsed state Representative Katie Arrington for the coastal district".

U.S. Congressman Mark Sanford will not return to Washington for another term in office.

Virginia establishment Republicans were unable to stop Trump stalwart and Prince William County Board of Supervisors chair Corey Stewart, who won the nod as their GOP nominee for Senate.

Sanford called Trump's first tweet "interesting" and then said he had supported the Trump agenda when possible. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes.

Though Wexton favors a ban on the sale of assault weapons, she defied what has been the tendency in some swing districts to nominate Democrats with liberal profiles on other key issues.

Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the general election Solid Republican.

On the Democratic side, voters also face a choice between political experience and newcomer perspective.

"Henry McMaster has a long history with the Republican Party in the state, but his earlier bid for governor in 2010 fell short", he said, referring to McMaster's third-place finish in that primary, far behind front-runner Nikki Haley, who won a runoff against Gresham Barrett. In between, he served two terms as the state's governor. But Sanford's SC district is considered a safe Republican seat, meaning the outcome is unlikely to play a role in November's battle for control of the House of Representatives.