Trump doesn't realize how hard it'll be to 'normalize' North Korea

Trump says that North Korea 'no longer a nuclear threat'

Pompeo, who is scheduled to travel to Beijing Thursday, said he isn't sure when the next conversation with North Korea will next take place but that it could happen "fairly quickly" - as soon as the coming week.

Trump and Kim Jong Un have now parted ways, since Singapore is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, and are heading home, but here's a round up of the biggest moments from their time together.

After a day filled with smiles and handshakes watched around the world, the United States "committed to provide security guarantees" to North Korea.

Victor Cha, a former United States pointman on North Korea, said in an opinion piece in the New York Times: "Despite its many flaws, the Singapore summit represents the start of a diplomatic process that takes us away from the brink of war".

In one tweet, Trump said that North Korea is no longer the United States' most unsafe problem, as President Barack Obama had characterized it upon leaving office - and he said Americans could "sleep well tonight!"

At the summit held in Singapore yesterday, Trump and Kim signed a document in which North Korea committed to "complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula" in exchange for USA security guarantees.

The joint statement released Tuesday was scant on the details, leaving the agreement between Trump and Kim vague.

Mr Trump insisted during the press conference which followed the summit, that he meant to invite Chairman Kim to meet with him at the White House in Washington, D.C., according to reports from North Korea's Central News Agency the leader has since accepted the invitation.

On Wednesday Trump framed this as a win, saying the U.S. will now "save a fortune". "I got them after we had signed the agreement".

The leaders also invited each other to their respective countries and both leaders "gladly accepted", KCNA reported.

The document signed by the leaders at their historic summit Tuesday also says they will join efforts "to build a lasting and stable peace regime" on the Korean Peninsula. "But the President said he expected immediate action as a result of the talks".

Logically, Trump should receive no credit if you believe he brought us to the brink of war with North Korea and then pulled us back.

"We will never go back to the past again and never give up on this bold journey".

Trump said not a word about how a world left to its own national security devices would avoid costly arms races and regional conflicts at a time of global disorder. If you can't reduce it to writing, it's meaningless and he knows it. "I hate to appear a businessman, but I kept saying, what's it costing?"

"He's a tough guy", Trump responded.

When South Korea's president shuttled between North Korea and the United States to broker their first-ever summit, he faced both praise and criticism over whether he was a peace-making mediator or was helping North Korea find ways to weaken US -led economic sanctions. "But to me a success is when it gets done".