Addicted to Your iPhone? Apple Screen Time Will Tell You

New Apple Products That Might Get Announced at Today's Event

The battery usage chart comes with more information about battery usage. Rather, they were shown to let software developers start building apps to make iPhones and other Apple devices more useful.

A standout improvement coming to iOS 12 is upgrades to its augmented reality functionality.

Those features also carry over to a child's device that is linked to your iCloud account through Apple's Family Sharing feature.

The slew of tools includes updates to "Do Not Disturb" and new ways to manage notifications. Now you can dismiss groups of notifications at once and have more control over which apps notify you in the first place. Finally. Yes. This is not a drill. That way, whenever you activate your iPhone's screen to see what time it is, it won't show you all of the notifications that end up distracting you when you should be sleeping.

In the wake of lawsuits centered on Apple's decision to purposefully slow down old models of iPhones, the purported focus of Apple's iOS 12 is improving the speed and performance of both new and old phones, as well as eliminating some bugs.

New and improved Do Not Disturb in iOS 12 helps users stay focused in times like studying as well as during a class, meeting or dinner.

Other new features include parental controls to limit the time children spend in apps, as well as which apps they can use. From there, you'll get blocked when you've met the limit (although it can be easily bypassable). Users can select skin color, freckles, hairstyle, head shape, eye wear and more. There will also be a tongue detection feature that will make the Animoji more expressive.

A newly-designed Apple Books app, for ebooks and audiobooks. Kind of like Snapchat. "Group FaceTime", as it's called, will support up to 32 users in the same conversation.

Apple, led by CEO Tim Cook, is taking a swipe at ubiquitous "share" buttons created by Facebook and others to track your behavior online regardless of whether you click on them. Apple is adding new animals (and a ghost) to the Animoji feature, which is only available to iPhone X users. All powered by on-device machine learning. A new Shortcuts app will let you build multi-step shortcuts, too. Siri can even automatically suggest shortcuts every day based on your habits. Apple's virtual assistant Siri will also make suggestions for notification settings based on which alerts people act upon. At WWDC it released details of ARKit 2, a set of tools for developers to create AR experiences for their apps. That means a healthy balance between their iPhone and the real world.

What's new with Apple Watch?

And a new app, Measure, that uses the phone's camera to scan objects and calculate their size.

News has a new sidebar on the iPad. When things like blogging, social media, smartphones, and apps were all new there was a kind of joy attached to the sheer novelty - this feeling that every few months, you were doing things that no one in history had done before. The new macOS version, Mojave, also gets iPhone apps such as Home, News, Stocks and Voice Memos.

An upgrade to iBooks with a new design and a new name: Apple Books. "Now on iOS 12, we're much smarter". Notifications can be grouped by app as well as topic and thread.

iOS 12 will be available in public beta later in June, and will be generally available in the fall.