Apple's biggest conference of the year

Here's what to expect at Apple WWDC 2018 iOS 12 new Mac OS upgraded Siri

Apple might announce features to combat this incessant scrolling at WWDC.

Apple tends to use its Worldwide Developers Conference to reveal a raft of new software and updates for its core operating systems, often transforming the devices that run them (such as iPhones and iPads) in terms of functionality, as well as launch new hardware, too. Last month, Google unveiled a "digital well-being" initiative at its I/O developers' conference, including new features for Android smartphones that make it easier to activate no-distraction modes and get feedback about excessive app use. The new feature will in the Settings app on the newest operating system, iOS 12, according to sources.

Last year, Apple introduced macOS High Sierra, which is essentially a refinement of Sierra. However hardware announcements are expected to be held for Apple's major product event it holds each year usually in September. There are rumours that Apple will be doing some form of integration between iOS and macOS apps, but it's not confirmed if we will actually see this announced at WWDC 2018.

With the introduction of features like facial-recognition programs and smaller batteries, Apple engineers are grappling with more hard software challenges than they have with previous iPhone models. Now the internet has been awfully quiet about macOS updates so we are not sure what to expect - a safe guess would be a new version of macOS. The event will take place at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

In case you want to watch or follow the WWDC 2-18 from India, here is how you will be able to do it. The event kicks off on June 4 at 10.30 pm IST and would continue until June 8. So do not forget to tune in at the right tome for it.

The event will be live-streamed across various platforms simultaneously.

Probably the biggest makeover expected during the WWDC is improvements in Apple's most successful platform - the iOS. If you're on Linux, you'll need a browser that supports Media Source extensions, H.264, and AAC; according to, the latest builds of Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox support these requirements.

Sadly, Apple hasn't actually confirmed any announcements for WWDC just yet, so we'll have to take all rumors with due caution for now.