Kasich calls on Trump to condemn Roseanne's tweets

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Barr took to Twitter to apologize for the racist slur saying, "I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans". Barr came under fire shortly after she posted an offensive tweet early Tuesday morning targeting Valerie Jarrett, a former top adviser in the administration of President Barack Obama.

Barr also addressed Wanda Sykes - who was a consulting producer on the show - who tweeted that she was quitting Roseanne before ABC chose to cancel the series. At one point she she wrote: "I mistakenly thought she was white". "I made a mistake I wish I hadn't but.don't defend it please. Ty".

Yet many saw a disturbing pattern being followed instead of a joke. "She needed someone to wrangle her in and take her phone".

In retweets, Barr supports a conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by a deep state cabal of Democrats, celebrities, and intelligence agency officials, many of who are pedophiles, that Trump has secretly been going after, worldwide.

Although the comedienne had vowed to remove herself from Twitter, she continued to tweet over 200 times throughout May 30. A horde of similar tweets appeared on the social media platform, and false news stories promoting the claim remained online Thursday.

"You guys make me feel like fighting back", she said. She never published it. "I am disappointed in her actions to say the least", Gilbert said on Tuesday, just before ABC announced the show's cancellation.

Was ABC's gamble worth the risk to its reputation? "She's not going to go on TV and say these things". But aside from other projects in the works, there's no word on what some of them will do next. "It was only when Ms. Barr became an immediate liability that everyone involved finally looked at her racism and dealt with it directly". She reposted a tweet by Sara Gilbert, the actress who played her daughter, Darlene, on the show and served as executive producer. The network - indeed all of broadcast television - needed some successful comedies. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted two of Barr's statements about Soros, although not the remark about Jarrett.

Many observers have been wondering when President Donald Trump, an active Twitter user who had previously called Barr to congratulate her on the big ratings earned by the "Roseanne" revival, might chime in on the controversy surrounding Barr's tweet and ABC's swift decision to cancel the show.

"We can't predict whether there will be lawsuits or not", Dougherty said, "but I don't think there will be successful lawsuits".

"I don't know anything about it". The CEO, who has renewed his contract with Disney through December 2021, has acknowledged he considered running for president. It was fairly demeaning when he'd gone there to ask her to sign papers. "She blows up her own life and that of all those around her".

Replying to the tweet, Barr wrote, simply, "Not true". "Everybody is still in shock at how quickly this all went down", he said.

"A lot of comics say bad things", Harbert said.