'Deadpool 2' Movie Review: 2 is Bigger and Better Than 1

Deadpool 2 movie review

With Deadpool 2 opening in theaters this week, Fox has one more promo for the superhero sequel up its sleeve.

With the success of Black Panther and Infinity War following, I was concerned that Deadpool 2 could not live up to the high bar audiences have been coming to expect.

In the sequel, Deadpool really gets into the superhero game on a mission to save the tempestuous young mutant Russell/Firefist (Julian Dennison) from the time-traveling cybernetic soldier Cable (Josh Brolin).

Deadpool 2 opens this Friday at Century Cinemax, Oasis mall and Cinema Magic, Metroplex Naalya. If you're not already a fan, and don't think you'll mind the characters own smug sense of humour then check it out.

So, the next time we see Deadpool is unlikely to be in a Deadpool 3 film per se, but an ensemble movie instead? And it might sound odd to say, but we took a lot of the story tenets from Pixar as inspiration for creating the Deadpool 2 storyline, and its inevitable conclusion.

Thankfully, there is plenty of repeat-watch value in Deadpool 2, thanks mainly to the returning cast members. That's all I'm going to say. Released with very few expectations back in 2016, the Ryan Reynolds-led film was a brash and irreverent piss take on the bloated superhero franchises, easily earning it's R-rating with its gratuitous violence and f-bombs. The film pits Deadpool and Cable against each other for the most part. Turns out, it was the biggest name possible - at least within the context of a Deadpool film.

Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool): "The good news is you don't need to see "Deadpool 1" to understand "Deadpool 2", but definitely see "Spiderman 3" to enjoy it". Just because a movie ain't for me doesn't mean I'll lambast those who get what they desire.

Enlisting the help of additional would-be heroes including the self-assured Domino (Zazie Beetz), whose superpower is as surprising as it is effective, Deadpool prepares for battle - and more opportunities to strike poses and crack wise. Cable (Josh Brolin) has come from the future to kill Firefist because apparently he grows up to be a murderer and kills his family.

Unfortunately, for all of the film's efforts to subvert the formula, Deadpool 2 is still quite routine fare in other places. Too bad her character wasn't explored so much. There is, in fact, a scene in the new movie in which the foulmouthed contract killer with a heart of gold - and here I'm talking about Deadpool, not Reynolds - actually appears to kill the Canadian-born movie star, adding a snarky "You're welcome, Canada" as he violently does him in. Juggernaut vs. Colossus is a longstanding rivalry - Colossus even wielded the power of Cyttorak at one point, not to mention classic bouts like Uncanny X-Men #183, mentioned in the film - and Juggernaut was an antagonist in 1994's Deadpool miniseries, in a time before an ongoing Deadpool series was a constant presence in Marvel's publishing line.