Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode Will Not Feature Jetpacks or Wallrunning

'COD: Black Ops 4' Battle Royale Confirmed, PUBG Says, 'Welcome To The Club'

- Travis Saucier (@EvilEnygma)What, NO single campaign in Black Ops 4?

First and foremost, I should inform you guys that the game will now feature a classic campaign/story mode.

First, players will always have their guns up regardless of whether they're sprinting, mantling over cover, throwing grenades, or using equipment and scorestreaks, allowing players to get back into the action quicker.

Treyarch Director David Vonderhaar didn't bother to hide the fact that Black Ops 4's new blackout mode is a direct response to the success of last-man-standing multiplayer shooters like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

In terms of major changes to gameplay, Black Ops also does away with thrust-jumps, wall-running, and health regeneration, making strategy all the more important. "More fun than you've ever had". The rumour was based on supposedly leaked screenshots of Black Ops 4 on the launcher.

The tighter maps definitely help. A survival game with the best, most refined mechanics in the world.

It is easier to encounter the enemy and matches feel faster. Even though we all knew this would probably happen some fans are super pissed.

You can read our full impressions below - as well as everything else we know about the game. And there are plenty of nooks and crannies to skulk in waiting for foes to arrive too.

One could argue that the extra zombie content is Activision's attempt to make up for the lack of a single-player campaign, but it's good news for those who primarily seek the zombie element. Then it swaps for the next round.

What part of Black Ops 4 are you most excited about?

Player Movement and Gameplay Pace - The pace of Black Ops IIII has evolved, without slowing down the speed of the player. The multiplayer component lets players explore the back stories of their favourite specialists in Black Ops 3. One is a medic, another an explosives expert. He can also resupply team mates with assault packs. Here, they'll not only learn how to play as each player class, but also learn about the characters' backstories. But that will be what player matching will be for - something sadly absent at the Community Event. It's still hyperactive, twitchy, and instantly gratifying, but teams who want to win need to work together more than before.

The usual multiplayer and the cooperative zombie modes also make a return, with the latter bringing three campaigns this time.

That being said, doing away with the traditional single player campaign doesn't mean that it's the end of the narrative or the end of solo play in the game itself. In addition to three maps at launch, the new Zombies mode will feature difficulty levels and a custom mode with over 100 options to cater the experience to the player's liking.