Cheney Endorses Haspel and a Return to Torture

Levin slams Kamala Harris' sanctimonious attacks on Trump's CIA nominee

She emphasized repeatedly that the techniques had been authorized by the US government's highest legal authorities and by President George W. Bush.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and three of his Democratic colleagues recently wrote a letter to Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, asking that his office, which oversees all US intelligence agencies, declassify the documents.

The very senior Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, was more pleasant but was corrected several times by Haspel because Feinstein's "facts" were out of date and inaccurate.

In other excerpts, Haspel pledges to work closely with the Senate oversight committee.

This question is crucial because Trump has spoken in favor of torture in the pursuit of intelligence.

Gina Haspel says the C.I.A.

"Senators were visibly frustrated at Haspel's unwillingness to say definitively whether she believed it was wrong at the time to waterboard terrorist suspects".

"If it were my call, I would not discontinue those programs".

The question now is if any of McCain's GOP Senate colleagues might be pushed into the "no" column by the Armed Services chairman's stand. "I'd have them active and ready to go, and I'd go back and study them and learn".

"I know what our nation needs from Central Intelligence Agency", she told senators, "and that is truth, integrity, and courage".

"It's a yes-or-no answer", Harris said.

Haspel is facing opposition from some Democrats and many rights groups who are critical of her activities related to the shredding of interrogation videotapes in 2005 and her stint at a covert detention site in Thailand where two detainees were waterboarded, which simulates drowning.

"No, you haven't", Harris shot back. And asked how she would respond if, as George W. Bush did after 9/11, a president twisted the law to order torture, she gave contradicting answers.

Haspel, a more than 30 year veteran of the CIA, has been testifying at her confirmation hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Pointing to a separate incident, Cindy McCain also called out Fox Business' Charles V. Payne, after one of his guests made an equally atrocious remark about her ailing husband on Fox Business on Thursday. And she has what Democrats need most against Donald Trump - tenacity. She has also faced backlash for the destruction of recordings of interrogations. "Now whether it changes votes I don't know but there is great respect for him so it may be". In any event, her decision not to permit full declassification of her record puts senators in the uncomfortable position of confirming someone based on partial information. "I do not believe the President would ask me to do that".

In a statement, the South Carolina Republican said he believed the nominee "rejected the interrogation policies of the past".

She says that if she's confirmed, she will follow the clear and legal framework the US has since imposed that bans any corrosive tactic not spelled out in the Army Field Manual.

Haspel's interview with the committee went smoothly enough to earn her a few key endorsements: Sen. McCain, Sen. [Rand] Paul (R-Kentucky) and others have raised? John McCain, who opposes her nomination with words the board chose to ignore: "Ms. Haspel's role in overseeing the use of torture by Americans is disturbing".

Haspel refused to offer any such promises.