Here's how to make Alexa the default assistant on an Android phone

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If you think that Alexa's skills are much more useful and convenient when asking your phone to do tasks and answer questions, then you will now be able to make it work for you. Both companies are hoping that Alexa and Cortana develop a symbiotic relationship where the devices would able to help their users get tasks done. Also, the use examples of Alexa while the default option voice assistant are initially limited if we review them with the characteristics offered by Google Assistant.

Are you planning to use Alexa as the default assistant on your Android device? But one thing seems clear: if Alexa is built into Cortana, more people will search it out.

In fact, now you can set Alexa as your default personal digital assistant on your Android device and access it by long pressing the home-screen button, a Reddit user has pointed out.

Prior to this update, users had the ability to switch their voice assistant from Google as well.

The process of making Alexa your default voice assistant on Android varies from device to device, but the way to start is by downloading the Alexa app from the Google Play Store.

Unless you respond to these prompts from the secondary assistant, we assume it defaults back to Alexa/Cortana.

Of course, the reverse is also true, as Taylor stepped forward called out, "Hey Cortana, open Alexa", to which she replied "Hi, this is Alexa".

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced that it is expanding its communications channels and services to include Amazon Echo. He then orders an Uber without the need for the Alexa wake word with "Get me an UberX to Harvest and Vine" etc then says "What's next?"

Microsoft and Amazon eventually hope the partnership will herald an era where both assistants will work in tandem, with the best equipped to answer a specific query taking the lead.