More Showers and Storms Today

CULLMAN COUNTY WEATHER Saturday April 28 2018

This spring has been extraordinary in the plains. That's a record tornado drought for one of the most tornado-prone locations on earth, but that record is about to be smashed.

Thunderstorms will most likely roll though the overnight hours and into Thursday morning but the threat for severe weather should wind-down after midnight. Stay with the First Alert Weather Team for all the latest. If confirmed, the twister would be the first in the Sooner State in 2018. While the movement of the storms will be to the northeast, the entire line itself will gradually track to the east into the night and arriving into Mid-Missouri by 10 PM.

Good - Air quality in considered "satisfactory" and air pollution poses little to no threat. These storms will then spread into eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas Wednesday evening into Wednesday night. Moisture laden air from the Gulf of Mexico is having a more normal interaction with dry air flowing from the desert south-western states (dry line).

Additional strong to severe storms may develop by mid to late afternoon Thursday, moving east-northeast through about 7 8 p.m.

Think of it like a cake, a watch is when the ingredients, the sugar, butter and eggs, but a warning is when those ingredients come together to make a cake, or severe weather.

Tornadoes were reported Nebraska and Kansas Tuesday evening as a round of severe weather hit the Plains. There will still be the potential for strong to severe storms at this time. Wind speed and wind direction change (shear) with height results in thunderstorms that spawn rotation and tornadoes. Isolated severe storms are possible with large hail and strong wind the main threats. Tornadoes would be quite unlikely in a marginal risk area, though not absolutely impossible.

Severe weather could develop again Thursday.

This week is severe weather awareness week and this whole week we've been highlighting important information regarding severe weather and what to do in the event that severe weather strikes.