Trump says Kim summit details to be unveiled within days

How much credit does Donald Trump deserve for Korean leader summit?

For the first time, after 65 years, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un entered South Korea in pursuit of peace for a summit meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

So Kim Il Sung, backed by the Russians, invaded the South and, in the end, 20 percent of the Korean population died in the war.

Also, the North Korean dictator admitted the possibility of renunciation of nuclear weapons in the case of providing the DPRK security guarantees from the United States and intensification of diplomatic contacts with Washington.

The site has a number of advantages - including logistics for Kim and because media facilities and equipment are already in place there, the report said.

Much will depend on the outcome of the Kim-Trump summit meeting due next month.

"President Trump can take the Nobel prize".

President Trump reportedly "liked" the now-famous images and coverage of the meeting between Kim and Moon.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Trump said he was enthusiastic about the idea of holding the summit in the DMZ. It's the duty of those of us in the struggle to get the ruling class here to accept the reality and abandon their efforts to sabotage the prospects for peace in Korea.

Presidential adviser Moon Chung-in was asked not to create confusion regarding the president's stance, Kim said.

Trump also said that he "may" be visiting Jerusalem for the opening of the new American embassy there.

I extend my gratitude to our Southern brothers who have warmly welcomed us with all their hearts and effort, adding to our meeting the affection of one blood, one brotherhood and one people.

However, concerns remain inside the administration that Trump may be too eager for a deal. While President Trump is likely to insist on dismantling the complete nuclear assets held by North Korea, the latter is going to resist the same because it is against the nation's nuclear strategy. Singapore is another option.

The wealthy and glamorous city-state sits on the end of the Malay Peninsula and has often been seen as a gateway between Asia and the West. In 2014, North Korean soldiers opened fire after South Korean activists sent anti-North leaflets over the border with large balloons, prompting South Korea to return fire.

Additionally, the source revealed to CNN that some events could be held on the northern side of the DMZ.

That brings us to another question prompted by North Korea's aim at reintegration as well as reconciliation.

She also urged the president not to forget the true nature of Kim's regime, labeling it as "brutal".

The North has made rapid progress in its weapons programmes under Kim, detonating its sixth and most powerful nuclear test past year and launching missiles capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, in moves that triggered increasingly strict UN Security Council sanctions against the regime.

But as my colleague Doug Bandow points out, the inter-Korean summit produced far more "sizzle" than substance.

Through the inter-Korean Summit and the Panmunjeom Declaration, the two leaders established a framework for a sustainable and irreversible development of the inter-Korean relations.

Trump hailed the Korea summit as historic, but warned "only time will tell". Specifically, they agreed to strictly abide by the Non-Aggression Agreement, carry out disarmament in a phased manner. "Because our intelligence about North Korea is not very good", Rice said.