Israel Says Secret Files Show Iran Once Wanted A Nuclear Weapon

Israel Says Secret Files Show Iran Once Wanted A Nuclear Weapon

Sanders said the typo was immediately noticed and corrected, but argued that the bigger mistake occurred when former President Barack Obama entered into the nuclear deal with Iran.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman repeated Tuesday the analysis he gave to U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis last week in Washington: namely, that Israel has three problems: Iran, Iran and Iran.

"It appears we've caught them red-handed lying about what is ultimately a crucial element in the deal, one which is a prerequisite for future implementation of that very deal", he said. And he recalled that USA intelligence had called Iran's denials that it was working on a weapons program "a lie", adding, "We always said that although they had stopped this core activity, they kept some other what we called "dual-use" things under way".

Netanyahu's presentation, delivered on live TV from Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv, did not appear to provide evidence that Iran has violated the 2015 deal, raising questions about whether it would sway worldwide opinion ahead of Trump's decision.

The Israeli premier theatrically pulled away black curtains to reveal shelves full of binders and compact discs, saying they contained material spirited out of a top-secret location in Tehran, and proved that Iran had pursued a secret plan to build nuclear bombs.

"The President has been clear - absent a substantial fix, absent overcoming the shortcomings, the flaws of the deal - he is unlikely to stay in that deal past this May", Pompeo said. You won't ever have a nuclear weapons program.

Iran's deputy foreign minister on Monday, prior to the Israeli announcement, told state-run media that the deal is "no longer sustainable for Iran in its present form, without regard to a USA exit" - the most concrete threat to walk that Tehran has issued. Iran, in a pact with the world powers, had agreed to halt its nuclear programme in return for an easing of economic sanctions on Tehran.

The documentation gives the global community the ability to confront Iranian lies with truth regarding its nuclear ambitions, officials said. "If Iran never developed and never planned to develop nuclear weapons, then why would they do this?"

Asked if Israel is prepared to go to war with Tehran, Netanyahu said: "Nobody's seeking that kind of development".

Most of the purported evidence Benjamin Netanyahu presented dated to the period before the 2015 accord was signed.

The White House did not issue a formal correction, but did offer an explanation.

The history of secret Iranian work related to nuclear weapons design is all the more reason to keep the JCPOA and is why the agreement was designed as it was.

The jousting over the Israeli announcement came as Trump repeated his strong opposition to the deal, which he called a "horrible agreement".

"The unique White Home assertion included a clerical error, which we rapidly detected and glued", a Nationwide Safety Council spokesman advised CNN Tuesday. "That is not acceptable".

That signatories to the deal claim that Netanyahu showed nothing new, and that they knew all along of Iranian duplicity only makes matters worse. Although Trump was hosting Nigeria's president for a visit during Netanyahu's speech Monday, he said he watched part of it on television.

"What Israel has done today in the news conference was right", Trump said, without elaborating.