Apple iTunes Arrives In The Microsoft Store For Windows 10 Users

Daphne Planca
            		      1:10 PM

The update is available to users to download on April 30th and will roll out to all Windows 10 PCs starting on May 8th. You could consider this the Spring Creators Update, but Microsoft has declined to label it as such. Timeline has been added to help you go back and find items that you worked on a few hours ago, or even a few weeks ago. It's an augmented version of the Task View that enables users quickly to resume any activities they've started in the past 30 days.

It comes as Microsoft promotes "S Mode", a streamlined version of Windows 10 that can only run apps from the Windows Store. "These updates are going to positively impact the way you use Microsoft 365 across desktops, devices, services, and compliance, and you will tangibly see those benefits across the countless things your IT organization manages", Anderson said.

Windows 10 S was originally pitched as a special version of Windows 10 designed for educational institutions.

If you can't wait for Microsoft to decide your PC is ready to receive the April 2018 Update then read our guide to how to get it right now.

The April Update also brings enhanced dictation to the Windows platform.

The April update will also bring new features and improvements to Microsoft Edge - including mute-a-tab, full-screen reading, clutter-free printing, grammar tools and autofill on web forms.

Microsoft releases these big updates twice a year.

Microsoft hasn't published a changelog to list what's been fixed in today's cumulative update, and as the tweet above says, it's a very fast download and install.

Now, as most of you know, iTunes on Windows has never been a stellar experience.

We were waiting for the next major update, which was slated to be released this month and after a series of delays, Microsoft has now officially announced it.

It could turn out to be quite a win-win situation for Windows. Aside from the apparent reduction in storage space demand, the new contents of the Windows 10 Lean edition were not specified.

A tech tipster on Twitter known as Lucan was the first to spot the hints of the upcoming Lean edition on the public release version of the Windows 10 Preview build 17650.