What is the 'incel rebellion'? And who are those behind it?

Elliot Rodger Incel Movement

Minassian's reference to Elliot Rodger in his Facebook post is probably the most concerning part., another self-proclaimed incel, killed six people in 2014 before killing himself.

"Involuntary celibates. see themselves as men who are denied sex by women, so implicit in that claim is a sense of entitlement to sex that they feel they're being denied", she said.

The anti-women sentiment also recalled Canada's 1989 massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, when 25-year-old Marc Lepine entered a classroom.

The makeshift memorial to those who lost their lives in the incident continued to grow Thursday as bouquets, candles and written notes were added.

"We are deeply saddened that a member of our community has died as a result of this bad incident", university president Meric Gertler said in a written statement. "It's not locker room talk". -Sgt. Graham Gibson said of the post, before declining to speculate on a motive.

The post may not even be real or significant, though reports from CBC suggests Facebook has confirmed it was from his account. "All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!"

Haven't heard of incel before? Asking women to sympathize with these men's sexual frustrations is asking them to use their bodies as a means of placating potentially violent men. How do we stop it from happening again?

In November, online forum Reddit banned a controversial subgroup dedicated to incels - which counted tens of thousands of members. The post read: "The incel rebellion has already begun!" Imagine doing the same for Isis after the London attacks or Manchester bombings.

Minassian is not the first subscriber to the ideology to be accused of murder.

Participants "see feminism, and women in general, as a reason their lives are so hard", said Maxime Fiset, a self-described former neo-Nazi who now tracks extremist websites for the Montreal-based Center for the Prevention of Radicalisation Leading to Violence. The mainstream attention is being welcomed on some incel forums, with posters embracing the chance to spread their ideas and "sway normies".

However, other similar boards remain active on Reddit, and many other sites play host to incel discussions.

If there is a "culprit" to blame in this senseless tragedy, it is social media.

María Rún Bjarnadóttir, doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex, warns against merely descriptive coverage.

"I felt it's my duty to come over and pay tribute", he said. "It must be challenged... the mainstream media should be aware of what they are implying by reporting this without any critique".

We can't know for sure whether the movement is radicalising young men, and but we do know it's not disappearing any time soon.

"While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done", Walker wrote. The objectification of women, an inability to distinguish between sex and real intimacy and a fixation on fantasy in the absence of real-life experiences can all prove to be a unsafe cocktail that fuels new and more violent fantasies. I'll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you.

"I don't think you knew the touch and influence you had on everyone. simply because of your kind nature and passion for cooking". But you can absolutely be a "good guy" - loves his mum, would help an old lady across the street, never dreams of forcing himself sexually on a woman - and still display actions stemming from systemic misogyny. "Why wouldn't we ban this too?"

One online group had 40,000 users a week ago and sported threads comparing women to Nazis and referring to rape as "just sex" and accusing women who turned sexual advances down of being "reverse rapists".

The site, which claims to have about 5,000 members, became a forum for incels after Reddit banned a similar community late previous year.

Screenshots posted to We Hunted the Mammoth, a blog that documents the "manosphere", show members of one message board applauding the Toronto massacre as the start of an "incel uprising".

Duquette, a former police officer, said investigators are likely working to verify the post's origins by analyzing the device used to access the account, location data and the suspect's online history.