Google renovating Gmail iOS & Web interfaces


Like we've seen in the Google app and Play services, highlight indicators throughout the new Gmail are rounded on one end. The redesigned Gmail for web consists of a snooze button as well as confidential mode, features like smart replies and many more. According to The Verge, which received an early look at the new Gmail interface, "Google makes it work by not sending the confidential content directly - you're only sending a link to the content, which lives in your mailbox and is accessed by the recipient either via their Gmail account or, if they use another e-mail service, https". For example, confidentiality mode allows senders to set expiration dates for emails or revoke them entirely, while integrated rights management (IRM) allows senders to block the forwarding, copying, downloading or printing of chosen messages. You can simply hover over an email in your inbox and options will pop up, including the ability to RSVP to a meeting, snooze an email for a later date and time, or archive the message altogether. The Nudging feature proactively reminds users about following-up on or responding to potentially important messages.

Google's Gmail updates include new Artificial Intelligence-powered features including Nudging, Smart Reply and high-priority notifications.

As part of this change, Google has redesigned Gmail's security warnings. "We have tried to move as little cheese as possible", product manager Jacob Bank told me. The Gmail app on my Sony Xperia XZ1, Pixel 2 XL, and Galaxy S9 Plus do not yet have the function, which seems to be independent of the updated desktop version.

Taking a queue from Snapchat, which lets its users send photos that permanently delete in a few seconds, the Gmail re-skin has a fresh focus on privacy.

The changes to Gmail, which has more than 1.4 billion users each month, will roll out over the next few weeks. This will now be the norm for all confidential emails you send. These notify you when you get important messages.

Google is pushing a new widget-like side panel that provides quick access to Calendar, Keep, and the just launched Tasks. There are also three new layouts to choose from: default, comfortable, and compact.

Google Tasks, previously available as a pop-up in Gmail, now has a dedicated mobile app. The email that you snooze will disappear from your in-box until the snooze period is over.

Google, seemingly keen to distance itself from the recent Facebook data abuse debacle, stressed that it doesn't scan Gmail conversations to target advertising. These new features in Gmail are some of the massive transformations for the users both on web and mobile.