Gettleman Talks Draft, No. 2 Pick


Cleveland, as usual, has the first overall pick and there will be no shortage of drama. Teaming him with a returning Raekwon McMillan gives us speed and youth and enthusiasm that leads us all the way to the Super Bowl where we beat the Rams, 24-17. "My two top quarterbacks are Darnold and Allen". If the Browns believe they can solve the accuracy issue and that Allen's skills override accuracy, he'll be their guy. "Listen, we'll know when we know. It's a big decision, but as long as you do your homework you'll be fine".

Odds are that if this list was compiled only a few years later, Harrison Smith would be much higher. Baltimore and New Orleans have both relied on TEs as offensive fixtures for years, so it should come as no surprise to see either or both select one in the opening round.

But with the rumor mill swirling, rosters a bit closer to complete, and needs almost cemented, I'm going to take a pass at this anyway. There is no formula or scientific equation that will prove whether or not any player chosen will be a success or a total bust.

Ah, NFL draft. You never disappoint. I've worked more on the weekends here than I ever had to be a part of this. Virtually no one is saying that Mayfield is not the best option, in fact we're seeing a procession of draft analysts telling us that Mayfield is the top-rated, NFL-ready choice. They include a quarterback, Barkley, or even a trade out of the spot. Except, the Broncos will have to settle for the other L.A. quarterback in Rosen.

"We'll sit there and just go through it, and that'll be each other's job to throw up scenarios that are legit and real and we'll debate them in the room, "Which way are you going?'" Beane said". Off the field concerns also caused all-time great receiver Randy Moss to tumble to 21 overall in 1998. I don't want to be, 'It's this one. MI defensive lineman Maurice Hurst (No. 32 overall, Philadelphia Eagles), Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson (No. 27 overall, New Orleans Saints), Boston College pass rusher Harold Landry (No. 25 overall, Tennessee Titans) and Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick (No. 13 overall, Washington Redskins). "Therefore, San Francisco will turn its eyes to a 6'3" monster to add to their defensive backfield by the name of Derwin James out of FSU.

Do you trust the Jets not to gag away a double-digit fourth-quarter lead in South Beach this year?