Get ready for Saturday's Record Store Day at Beyond The Download

The tables have turned: vinyl records hip agian, featured at event for local shop

A Separate Reality Records 2678 W 14th St., 216-644-7934 A Separate Reality Records is celebrating with great sales and an in-store concert.

Anna Miller has worked the stacks at Record Stop since it opened a year ago.

Get the record needle ready because on Saturday it's all about the vinyl.

Record Store Day is an worldwide, vinyl holiday that elevates the visibility of small record shops by giving them access to exclusive records, featuring hundreds of new releases this year. The Nashville headquarters for Third Man Records is believed to be the only place where you can record live music directly to acetate. Most of the records have a limited production run that is typically between 100 and 5,000 pieces.

This year, 422 special editions, live recordings and early releases will be carried by independent record stores scattered across the globe.

Wu-Tang Clan's debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) will be available on cassette for the first time since it was first released back in 1993. It's a day of celebration.

Mary Papenhausen, a Zia Records representative, said record stores have a unique culture that draws people in, keeping the format afloat.

It's a shame really but as with many things, once the chain and large store found out there was money to be made, it was taken away from the small shops that really need it. What can you get your music-loving hands on while out and about during this year's event? "We are noticing that the physical stock growth of some of our bands' sales are actually growing because people want to see it and want to feel it". "It's a very tactile experience", he said.

Around the SouthCoast region of MA, record stores are preparing for the excitement and a high number of sales. Founded in 2007, what began as an attempt to generate interest in record stores, which were suffering from a lack of interest, has grown into a massive event with over 1,000 participating stores from every continent fit to carry vinyl (sorry, Antarctica). That makes it more hard for artists to justify releasing music physically, with more and more of them opting for digital-only releases. This special edition is pressed on smoke swirled clear vinyl housed in an embossed texturized jacket.

The Boss is releasing his Greatest Hits LP on colored vinyl.

This year, "Billy Breathes" by Phish is the hot commodity that customers will want. Two-LP set (3 sides), numbered. Sorry State also will carry a mono reissue of Pink Floyd's "Piper At the Gates of Dawn". On Record Store Day, the Eighth Avenue store makes use of its back parking lot for music performances as well as food trucks on top of the store-wide sale taking place throughout the day.

For Colliton, her most memorable Record Store Day experience was in 2015 at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh when they had an in-store appearance from pop-punk band All Time Low.

Judge said he buys records because of the interactions you can have with the record, but also with other people. Around noon, a table will be set up outside the store featuring free items, including CD samplers, buttons, reusable logo bags, posters, and more. The Princeton-based duo of Jonah Tolchin and Kevin Clifford performs rock, R&B and funk. Mile Long Records is at 350 W. Front downtown Wheaton.

Golden Guitar-winning country singer Amber Lawrence hopes to offer the "perspective of a person creating music and wanting people to hear it" during her time as ambassador.