Photo Mode Is Coming to God of War

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God of War for the PlayStation 4 is almost upon us. This game has made me enjoy blocking. With that in mind, here's what you need to know before tackling God of War for PS4. Search for other paths, doors, and secrets areas.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

I can't stress enough that you take time to explore the world as you play through the game. You'll be rewarded for your patience.

And this tip applies in a macro sense. It's a sentiment you can imagine the developers reflecting on, as they have kids of their own and go about the business of revisiting a game with a decade's worth of hindsight.

At the end of the journey, there will come a moment when the game feels quite complete. But people who rush through for story, or ignore upgrading and progression systems will find it hard unless they play on Normal or below.

Above: It's not easy when your father is a rage-filled demigod. This lends the entire game a unique but no less grandiose aesthetic, once more lending the franchise a characteristic identity at a time when the video game industry seems intent on retreading the same old ground. So just remember that Atreus isn't just story set-dressing, he's super-helpful especially in crowd-control situations because a lot of his moves and basic arrow usage, which you can control, interrupts enemy movesets and allows for exploitable openings. And though Kratos' fists are a good alternative, you're best served recalling the axe as soon as you can. So they can help you stagger and then insta-kill a lot of enemies. That means you can't go around hacking and slashing him with your axe. Light axe throws do damage and can stun an enemy a little if you hit them in the head.

The scale of God Of War is also one of its strongest assets.

If you are curious to see how the controller layout looks like in God of War PS4, you can see it in the image below taken directly from the game. Getting a new piece chest piece or belt can give you a major boost. Yep, you can actually make Kratos smile.

Above: Look! Kratos isn't yelling! The biggest challenge to come, though, is the Stranger that appears at the house when you eventually get back. They gave 9 from 10 points to the game.

Above: There's Kratos being stern again! He's a bit of a chatter bug.

Not only that, he is now joined by his son Atreus, and as a result the game's narrative is split between the heavy combat scenes it's known for, and Kratos' struggle to embrace and accept his role as a father. This is alongside the snippets of lore and tales from other parts of Norse mythology that you find in the world.