Amy Schumer embarrasses mum with candid sex answers

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Avery is the sort of woman who not only has never stepped foot inside a Kohl's, she doesn't even know how to pronounce the name ("Ka-hools", she calls it).

BOTTOM LINE A good-natured comedy with a sweet-and-saucy performance from Schumer.

At the Los Angeles premiere for comedy "I Feel Pretty" starring Amy Schumer, the directors and cast addressed the negative reaction the trailer generated after the film's message was perceived to be that confidence stems exclusively from body image. Renee, inspired by a viewing of "Big", wishes to be attractive - and one day, after suffering a head injury at Soul Cycle, she wakes up believing it's true. When Renee asks a pretty woman on the street where she got her dress, and learns that it's from Target, Renee whispers, cattily, "Aren't girls like us so lucky that we can shop anywhere and still look fly as hell?" When she takes a tumble from her SoulCycle bike, the head injury makes her think she's hot stuff.

You've probably seen the trailer by now. That spares us some of the usual female stereotypes - but it also robs us of a villain.

The trailer of I Feel Pretty was filled with jokes that were at the main character's expense. However, Schumer revealed that the scene nearly didn't happen higher-ups who wanted her to simply "stand in a bikini", rather than dance, drench herself in water, and show that she can be as equally sexy and confident as thin women.

Although, this new attitude crosses into arrogance at various parts of the movie and creates tension between herself and her two BFFs Vivian (Aidy Bryant, Saturday Night Life) and Jane (Busy Philipps, Vice Principals). It's fun. I look forward to the day when I say it and I don't giggle after I say it.

Despite its trite plot, "I Feel Pretty" conveys sound messages and showcases some good moral choices.

Schumer plays NY bachelorette Renee Bennett, who looks in the mirror and finds herself neither pretty, slim, attractive or cool enough.

The real gift of Renee's wish "coming true" is not that other people have stopped judging her: It's that she is oblivious to how others see and judge her.

There's a very relatable, very sad scene within the first 15 minutes of I Feel Pretty.

PRETTY WOMAN (1990) Director Garry Marshall's Cinderella story about a fledgling hooker who finds romance with rich guy Richard Gere left Julia Roberts sitting pretty with her second Oscar-nomination. But they're all trapped in a movie that just isn't doing what it thinks it is. "But I should enjoy this time, too", Schumer said. She struts out of the studio oozing the newfound confidence and moxie of a cover girl. These cliches lay at the heart of the romantic comedy film "I Feel Pretty" directed by Abbey Kohn and Marc Silverstein. Unfortunately, no one in attendance would believe Schumer's big news, even though she pestered pretty much everyone she could for marriage advice.

"I Feel Pretty" does succeed in its charming romance.

I have had those moments which we can all relate to, but what I have learned in my own life, it's not really how you look.