Threat recedes of direct US-Russian conflict following Syrian air strikes

Syria Damascus air strikes

Haley said Trump told her the "locked and loaded" should the Syrian government continue to launch chemical weapons attacks against civilians. She has spent many summers there visiting family.

In an assessment released concurrently with the missile strike, the White House identified reports of dozens of chemical attacks believed to be carried out by the Assad regime over the previous year.

"I think the American attack on Syria is an unjust aggression, and does not comply with the worldwide law and consensus", Ahmed Rafiq Awad, a professor of political science at Birzeit University in the West Bank, Palestine, told Xinhua in an interview.

Speaking to the BBC, Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that Western powers had no plans for further missile strikes, though they would assess their options if Damascus used chemical weapons again.

Khatib said she doesn't believe most Canadians are aware of the true scale of the human rights atrocities that are striking her home country. All three participants insisted the strikes were not aimed at toppling President Bashar al-Assad or intervening in the conflict.

Philip H. Gordon, who was Obama's White House coordinator of Middle East policy, said one of the challenges for Trump was calibrating his language with his actions. "If they knew they would care".

The Syrian president's high spirits were matched by displays of jubilation in Damascus, where government supporters took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate their backing for Assad and express scorn for the strikes.

Cahit Armagan Dilek, head of the Ankara-based 21st Century Turkey Institute, said that there is no global legal base for the USA -led attack on Syria.

She was less critical of Canada, however, pointing out the country's continuing humanitarian efforts in the region.

In Montreal, a protest against the strikes was scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

"We are considering additional sanctions on Russian Federation and a decision will be made in the near future", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday. "Politics and peace negotiations has to always overcome".

Mr Trump tweeted "Mission Accomplished" on Saturday after US, French and British forces launched an air strike on Syrian chemical weapons sites. Russian officials said the damage was minimal, maintaining that all key air bases were intact and the purported chemical weapons facilities had been abandoned long ago.

The next evening, more than 500 people, mostly women and children, began arriving at medical centers in Douma showing symptoms consistent with exposure to a chemical agent, according to Syrian American Medical Society, a relief organization. The War Powers Act requires the president to "terminate any use of United States Armed Forces" after 60 days unless Congress specifically authorizes future action. In the eyes of government supporters, it seemed, the strikes had come and gone.

"It's against worldwide law".

Millions in Syria have been displaced by the conflict, many have been tortured and abducted. Thousands of hard-line rebels capitulated in Douma following years of siege and an air and ground campaign that killed hundreds in recent weeks.

By not destroying Mr. Assad's conventional, formidable war machine, Mr. Trump is giving the green light for the civil war to continue, with the Russians and Iranians given an continue supporting Mr. Assad as well. "They want to say that they want to play a part in the next settlement (of the Syrian crisis)", Awad said.

These included its legalization as a political party, and a requirement that the Syrian army stay out of Douma.

As of Saturday, it was unclear whether another chlorine attack would be enough to trigger more U.S strikes, or whether the death toll would need to be high enough or whether - as was the case on 7 April - sarin use would also need to be a possibility.