Does Dwight Die in 'The Walking Dead' Comics?

Michonne in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

The Walking Dead is primed for a drastically different look in Season Nine, following a Season Eight finale which wrapped up all of its narrative threads.

At least Carl didn't die in vain. Right as the moment was about to happen, The Saviors took aim, then literally all of their guns backfired at once.

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A lot of this comes back around to Carl, and his death - which is one of the show's biggest mistakes. That way they believed what the map said, and used that to lead them exactly where he wanted. In his letters to both Rick and Negan, Carl had pleaded for mercy-for the two to put the cycle of violence behind them and work together toward a better future. After confirming with Eugene on the production of ammunition for his fighters, the two load up Dwight and Gabriel into the vehicle as they head for the set location. As the convoy of Saviors approaches, those who remained at the Hilltop start evacuating while Tara and Alden choose to hang back and fight to buy them more time. So it was time for hand-to-hand combat and Negan gained the upper hand. Negan has some house cleaning he needs to take care of before things can move forward towards what is hopefully going to be the end of this war in the finale.

Just as villain Negan's Saviors attempted to shoot members of hero Rick Grimes' community, their weapons malfunctioned, injuring them and destroying their firearms.

After the Saviors surrendered, Negan and Rick attacked each other. Negan didn't die, though, and Rick told Siddiq to save him - much to the chagrin of Maggie, who had to be held back by Michonne. In the comic, Rick does jail Negan as a sign of doing things differently, and Hilltop leader Maggie does feel betrayed by that decision, since she wants revenge for Negan Lucille-ing Glenn.

Rick and company march through an open field with virtually no cover before they hear The Saviors' telltale whistle.

Rick now seems committed to this new world and new vision. Negan's reign is over. It was revealed that Daryl was also in the meeting and in on the plan. It was before Eugene was taken, we had had that storyline. Rick says they won't kill or hurt Negan, but rather he's going to rot in a cell for the rest of his life. The Saviors are happy to rebuild and find a new way to work with the other communities.

I'd personally go down the Game of Thrones route and just clip things completely.

Maggie lets Jesus and Daryl know that her plan for Hilltop is to build the community to be stronger, including making sure they can defend themselves in the future. Then he got all teary-eyed; Rick got teary-eyed, too, and then he slashed Negan's throat.

So long Dwight: While the Hilltoppers were practically singing "Kumbaya" with their former enemies the Saviors, Daryl couldn't let his beef with Dwight go. Jeffrey insists it's all real. "I really liked it when I read it because it was unexpected".

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