No new attacks planned against Syria for now, says Britain

Trump Declares 'Mission Accomplished' In Syria Strike

On CBS's "Face the Nation", Haley said the Treasury Department will announce the new sanctions and insisted the United States has sent "a strong message" about the use of chemical weapons.

Air missile fire is seen over Damascus after a US attack on Syria on April 14.

Russian Army Colonel Gen. Sergey Rudskoy put a number to the claim, telling reporters that 71 of the cruise missiles were intercepted by Syria's air defense systems.

"There is no answer to the Assad problem just yet", said Firas Maksad, director of the Washington-based Arabia Foundation.

The strike has drawn global outcry since it was carried out before the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog could probe the incident.

While Erdogan emphasized the need to deescalate tensions, Putin reiterated that the Western nations had "grossly" breached the UN charter and global law, according to Russian state media TASS. "We don't want to come to United States", he said.

The Syrian president's high spirits were matched by displays of jubilation in Damascus, where government supporters took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate their backing for Assad and express scorn for the strikes.

Piazza said further, limited airstrikes are possible in Syria.

Iran also issued strong statements early Saturday condemning the strikes. He said that Parliament should have been consulted before the attacks occurred. "Use often!" Trump wrote.

The Syrian government posted a video of its leader, Bashar al-Assad, walking into his offices the morning after the strikes.

Mrs May has faced a backlash from her domestic opposition for launching the strikes without consulting Parliament, while opposition lawmakers in the United States warned Mr Trump that any broader military campaign would require a well-formulated strategic vision - and authorisation from Congress. "Insulting the President of Russian Federation is unacceptable and inadmissible", he added, an apparent reference to Trump's mention of President Vladimir Putin in his speech.

"And we can not wait to alleviate further humanitarian suffering caused by chemical weapons attacks".

A fictitious ground force attack by a mock adversary will also take place throughout the region during the event, which takes place between 15-26 April.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders defended Trump's use of the term, saying the US military "100 percent met its objective" in Syria by targeting chemical weapons infrastructure.

The Pentagon also said that it was not aware of any civilian causalities at the time. Demonstrators say they are against Trump's administration and believe this is a war of aggression.

Speaking to the BBC, Johnson said what he described as the successful strikes on three sites in Syria were a message from the world that enough was enough, but acknowledged he could not say whether Assad still had chemical weapons.

"We would have preferred an alternative path, but in this case there was none", May said.

"Yesterday we saw the American aggression, and we were able to counter it with Soviet missiles manufactured in the 1970s", Russian lawmaker Dmitry Sablin quoted Assad as saying, according to Russian news agencies.

"And they also sent a strong message to Syria, to Russian Federation, to Iran, when this president has a red line, he will enforce it".

May will address Parliament - where she doesn't have a majority - next week.

Socialist Unity Centre of India activists in Kolkata burned an effigy of Donald Trump as they protested the strikes.

"The worldwide community will not allow chemical weapons to come back into our everyday life", Haley added.