Wage Gap Widens For RI and MA Women

Maternity leave varies widely across universities

But the more researchers adjusted for real-life challenges, the worse the outcomes became.

According to Kambour, California amended its Equal Pay Act in 2016, effective January 2017.

There has been some improvement in the wage gap in the Louisiana.

Anthony Center's Equal Pay Day panelists will discuss issues of gender pay inequity on the date that marks how long women have to work into the new year to earn the same as men did in the previous year. According to research by the American Association of University Women, for every $1 paid to white men, Hispanic women eared 54 cents, African American women earned 63 cents, white women earned 79 cents and Asian American women earned 87 cents.

The majority (63%) of the time in the US, men are offered higher salaries than women for the same role at the same company, according to wage gap data and survey responses compiled by Hired. Social expansion of gender roles, as well as workplace nondiscrimination policies, have resulted in increased occupational integration, but occupational segregation continues to shape wage setting and pay equity.

"This isn't just a problem for people who make a lot of money".

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For women of color, the gap is even wider.

Similar proposed legislation was vetoed by former Gov. Chris Christie, who said existing safeguards protected against unequal pay for the same work. We need to fight for paid sick leave, paid parental leave, affordable child care, and a livable minimum wage, which would establish humane working conditions for all workers.

The gap does not consider that, on average, women work less hours than men and are less experienced than their male counterparts. It's a small change, but translates to $128 million in more wages. Those numbers are even more important considering that more than 80 percent of black women are the key breadwinners for their families, according to the study. Believe me, it's the least you can do.

Researchers say while differing industry, education levels and a lack of unions can be attributed for the pay disparities 38 percent have no clear reason for the gap indicating bias and discrimination. After this occurred, many celebrities chose to also speak up about their pay gap with their male co-stars.

"If a company is committed to principles of pay equity, then they ask themselves questions like: Who is getting paid what?"

So-called pink collar jobs in fields that are female dominant-such as nursing, childcare, social work, and human resources, among others-tend to command lower salaries, despite how valuable they are to our society.

"A woman with a graduate degree earns $5,000 less than a man with a bachelor's degree", the report says. A person's gender should not be a determining factor in their salary.

University of MA sociology professor Michelle Budig found women's earnings slip 4 percent for each child they have.

Robinson admits not every situation is the same, and hard negotiation tactics don't always guarantee you'll get what you ask for.

Failure to pay women equally limits their ability to attain economic stability.