Cardi B Opens Up About Getting Illegal Butt Injections, Gang Affiliation

Cardi B is a close friend made good on the vivid 'Invasion of Privacy'

On the other hand, Cardi's success has allowed her to create a better life for her family - even if they're reluctant to change. In addition to dropping Invasion of Privacy, Cardi showed off her skills on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest, with Chadwick Boseman, of Black Panther fame, hosting.

As well as chatting with Jimmy, interviewing stand-up comedian John Mulaney and playing the show's infamous Box of Lies game, Cardi also performed her new single Money Bag for the first time on TV.

"Okay, that's the main little one current I've gotten from Jimmy Fallon so let's see what it is", Cardi B said in a video shared to Instagram. "And it leaks for, like, five days", the 25-year-old musician explained. "Bloods. I used to pop off with my homies". I'm a schmillionaire, you know what I'm saying?

"It's like everybody is coming down my neck like, 'Why are you not leaving him?" Now, a new rumor is in the air that Cardi B & Offset are expecting a baby girl.

When asked if she ever considered ending her pregnancy, the hitmaker replied: 'Kinda, sorta. "Why the f- would you get pregnant in the prime of your career ‍♂️...."

In the May issue of GQ Magazine, the breakout rapper recalled her decision to get butt injections at the mere age of 21.

Cardi, who was working as a stripper at the time of her procedure, says she wanted a larger backside because she felt it would help her career, and because a man had cheated on her with a woman who had a large behind. "I'm established. The industry is never promised, but I know that if I make the right money move, I'm 'gonna always have money". "You don't leave your people behind". She totally won the New York Fashion Week with her glam looks and then garnered a lot of appreciation for her maroon Christian Siriano tulle dress at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. After you're in your 20s, why would you join a gang?

More than anything, this allows her to say outrageous things outrageously. She admitted that she didn't want to fall for anyone like that but seems Offset hit the spot and she just couldn't resist.

But Cardi's main focus is proving to people that having a baby won't slow down her climb to the top. For starters, her refusal to use the letter C. The Bloods have a long-standing rivalry with the Crips.

Then there is, of course, her love of color red. However, some detractors pushed her to post (and later delete) the following message on her Instagram Story. The comments were flooded with death threats.