John Krasinski Wants to Play Mr. Fantastic in a Fantastic Four Movie

Gird your loins Emily Blunt said that she would'love to do a Devil Wears Prada sequel on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday

Considering Hollywood marriages seem to end about as fast as they begin (and the divorce rate for us regular folk ain't looking too good, either), it is quite a feat to see a talented and successful couple like Krasinski and Blunt going strong after almost a decade - and look pretty happy while they're at it. Fortunately, the similarities end there, given the nail-biting peril the family faces in the movie. While Krasinski showed restraint with displaying the creatures, he didn't hide them completely, causing a variety of challenges for the design team when it came to offering viewers an all-new creature.

"We realised it might be a fine line for us to walk because we had never worked professionally [together]", Blunt tells TimeOut. I mean, in order for it to work, all of those things have to fit together, and certainly there's no way of knowing if things are going to fit together until it's too late.

'We both realised we were entering into unknown territory and I think you are a different person when you are at work, ' she told The Project. But it was an awesome experience, I can't say it enough, and the whole process from development, all the way through, we finished the movie a week ago.

"A Quiet Place took over our lives for two years".

The home-invasion genre is a fertile one, and it's pretty astounding just how many pressure points Krasinski manages to wham simultaneously here, utilizing every dark nook and cranny for maximum unease.

As a metaphor for parenthood, A Quiet Place is just about flawless, capturing all the isolation, anxiety and hypervigilance - not to mention the overwhelming sense of responsibility - that come with child-rearing. These creatures have no eyes, and hunt exclusively through sound, thus making too much noise is a death sentence. That makes you think beyond the blood. I'll say no more. And in a unusual way, it was an avenue I haven't explored before.

"And then he says, 'Who are you visiting here?'" Krasinski relayed. "And so the tension that comes with that, in the scenes between us all, was so much fun to play with".

For sheer cinematic ingenuity, A Quiet Place merits comparison with Alfred Hitchcock, who would probably have enjoyed this deeply disturbing film.

Quiet Place immediately resonated with Krasinski when he read an earlier draft of the script by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, just weeks after Blunt gave birth to their second daughter, Violet, now 22 months (joining Hazel, 4). He added that in case he ever forgot that, he had an encounter with a customs agent in London to remind him. "I connected to this family".

While Krasinski had the luxury of picking what he did and didn't want to show the audiences, Jaws director Steven Spielberg didn't have that luxury, as a variety of malfunctions on set resulted in little footage being usable in the finished product.

Overall, I liked the movie and found it entertaining.