Parishioners observe Stations of the Cross in Greenville on Good Friday

Rain reflects the somber mood of those carrying a wooden cross on Good Friday

The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation upon which the Christian faith is built and hence Easter is a significant date for all Christians, this year being celebrated today April 1. He said during the balance of the church year, he doesn't see as many people in the congregation.

You can ignore, argue, debate, dismiss and deny all of these things, but there is one thing that forces each one of us to face the glorious reality of who Jesus is, and that is the empty tomb. We now honour them as "Mahatmas". "But it is also Good Friday because it is our salvation and what it accomplished". But the holiday festivities have been going on all week - first with Palm Sunday, and now with Good Friday. On the latter occasions, I've tried to find meanings in the Easter celebration for those who don't believe in Christ, such as the value in coming together as families, celebrating hopefulness in a generalised sort of way or even just taking the opportunity for refreshment that a few days off can afford us. Why do we live in fear of death, especially since we have the assurance of eternal life? Happiness is the reward of your investment into living the right life. Love tears down barriers and is truly what saves us.

"As a people, we must protect the interest of the state and the country always".

Jesus died for all of us that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

The events of Jesus' last night on earth were relived Thursday night by worshippers at St. Luke's Anglican Church.

As you celebrate Easter, may you remember God's flawless love for all mankind, and may that love fill you.

Thomas Laughlin, a member of the church, said by standing on the cross it gets people to react and ask questions. The Rev. Greg Myers, pastor of the St. Patrick's Priory Church on Market Street, sang a portion of the 22nd Psalm and read a prayer of St. Bridgett in front of the church. Therefore, the day on which Christ rose from the dead was the Sunday after Passover.

"The Way of the Cross started to say to people, 'If we're followers of God, we can't just worship inside churches behind the walls".

He reflected on school shootings and other tragedies. How do you know he is risen?

The lighting of candles symbolises the resurrection of Jesus. The victor: Matthew, and his telling of the Easter story.

Cornerstone Church Senior Pastor Jim Franklin explains, "It's the event that changed the world. All of these aspects are important". "We often feel death is the end but Jesus won over death by resurrecting".

Bishop said: "Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children".

"Jesus continues to heal and perform miracles".