Yankees Rumors: The MLB Doesn't Approve Of The Yankees Custom Beers

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The days of the New York Yankees poaching the game's best players experienced a revival of sorts this winter, and Stanton wasted no time in settling himself into Aaron Boone's lineup.

The story of 2018 Aaron Judge, catcher Gary Sanchez and 3rd-place AL Cy Young finisher Luis Severino all blossomed into soon to be superstars in front of our eyes.

"I think it's good for the game", said Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who took a cut from $25 million to $10 million this year.

Luckily for us, we are just hours away.

According to North Jersey website's report, the New York Yankees took on the Toronto Blue Jays for their first game of the new Major League Baseball season.

Aaron Judge and newcomer Giancarlo Stanton will bat second and third when the Yankees open against the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday.

Taking on money to acquire talent will more often than not serve a team well, as the Yankees' presumptive opening day designated hitter can confirm.

The only thing that didn't go the Yankees' way this spring was the health of Greg Bird, who underwent surgery to remove a bone spur on his right ankle.

What many fans will be excited to see for the first time on Thursday is the bash brothers.

It is enough, after all, that the two sluggers are in the same lineup together heaping another muscular layer on the Bronx Bombers.

As Katie Sharp of River Ave Blues notes, Stanton is the third player since 1961 to homer in his first at-bat as a Yankee on Opening Day, joining Curtis Granderson (2010) and Jimmy Wynn (1977). The other corner outfield spot is occupied by All Rise! The AP reported this week that the team's payroll is at its lowest amount since 2003 and they rank seventh overall spending this year.

Thankfully for Yankees fans, Stanton is not a pretty terrible player, and Sterling will likely change his call when he realizes how very bad it is.

Everyone knows the Houston Astros were World Series champions in 2017, defeating the New York Yankees in seven games to take the American League crown before beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven in the Fall Classic.

While Severino is young is hunger and passion on the mound is almost unmatched. But the Yankees bring in more casual fans across the country as well, on television and at the ballpark.