Ruling stocks that monarchs the market: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)


First, it confirms that the tablet market is not dead, contrary to what some analysts want to say, and second, that Apple still believes in it and backs it to the hilt. Apple originally launched the Pencil stylus almost two years ago but it was made for the more expensive iPad Pro model and was sold separately.

The budget-friendly iPad is expected to attract students and teachers.

Apple also teased software features such as smart annotations to help teachers mark up papers, and augmented reality support which will "enable new ways to learn".

Apple just unveiled its new iPad during an event in Chicago's Lane Tech College Prep High School.

Apple will start to focus on education for its new products, including a new iPad designed for teachers and students.

In India, the popular iPad with support for Apple Pencil will be available from April, starting at Rs 28,000.

Inside, we find an Apple A10 processor, already seen for example on iPhone 7.

While Google's Chromebook has the largest market share across U.S. schools - some 60% - there is still hope for Apple's renewed vigour for the sector. "KGI: NEW Apple Watch models coming later this fall with new design, ~15% bigger display, enhanced health monitoring and longer battery life", Geskin wrote on Twitter.

Dubbed Schoolwork, the app promises to make the process of assigning, collecting and grading homework easier, as well as make the actual assignments more engaging with multimedia and other add-ons.

Storage for student models will include 200 GB of storage to help save bigger projects. The Apple Pencil, is of course, sold separately, at ₹7,600. Both Logitech items will be available only to students, not to the general public. And in those markets, the new iPad doesn't turn out to be the cheapest iPad ever. As the company rightly puts it in a blog when it launched the app a year ago, it said the Classroom will provide automatic summary of classroom work of kids with their parents. Like Google's classroom software, dubbed "Google Classroom", Schoolwork functions as a learning and content management system. Comparing it with a portable whiteboard, Google points its usefulness, especially those times when students have left their classrooms. Comments will be anchored to specific text so that notes stick even when the document has been edited.