Investigation of Greensboro teen's shooting leads to officer-involved shooting

Malawi police arrested for sexual assault

According to the police, Nirmal alias Roopesh was involved in more than three cases and had been absconding for three-and-a-half years.

While responding, police were involved in a brief standoff with the man, who they said wasn't allowed at the complex.

Police say the driver got into an altercation with the men, then got into his vehicle and hit them before fleeing the scene in an industrial neighborhood a few miles from the city's financial district.

Police said when they approached the vehicle they came in contact with Wissman.

According to a WRAL report, the victim was Romero's daughter, Ana Alvarado, and Romero's original target was Alvarado's brother, Adoniram Nava.

The photo on the driver's license Gates presented to officers reportedly did match her appearance, according to the report.

Homicide detectives spotted the Accura about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday driving on Battleground Avenue.

Just before 9:30 PM on Sunday, an APD Officer on patrol pulled over an older model sedan to speak with the driver about the expired registration tabs on the vehicle.

An unknown suspect keyed a vehicle in B5 parking lot.

On March 21 Sgt. Mark O'Toole and Detective Joseph Welsh took Narvaez into custody during a vehicle stop in the 1500 block of Laurel Boulevard.

Officials say Castillo had offered to pay $700 for two encounters with the 4-year-old or $500 if the mother would allow him to spend the night with the child.

According to Public Information Officer Susan Danielsen, a K9 officer and his dog caught up with one of the men who ran from the auto. "Those two officers did fire shots at that individual", Norman Police Public Information Officer Sarah Jensen said.

McMahon fired his Taser stun gun but it was ineffective, and Foster forcibly took away McMahon's metal flashlight and "presented" it in a threatening manner, Park said.

Neither the officer or his dog were injured in the incident.