Apple announces Classroom for Mac, Schoolwork for iOS, and ClassKit API

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"The new 9.7 inch iPad takes everything people love about our most popular iPad and make it even better", Greg Joswiak, an Apple marketing exec, said at the event.

A recent Bloomberg report claimed that Apple has only a 17% share in the USA education market, to Google's 60% and Microsoft's 22%.

That's right, these things which were announced today, are already available for purchase on Apple Canada's website.

The cheapest model available right now is Apple's £230 ($449) iPad, which was released previous year.

Book creation feature has also been introduced to Pages on both iOS and macOS.

Apple has featured the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hardware in the latest iPad.

The biggest challenge for Apple is that as Chromebooks have swept through US schools, administrators, teachers and students have grown to like the combination of easy-to-use computers plus software that children can use for coursework both in and out of class.

Our colleagues at TechRadar are covering Apple's education-themed launch on their live blog, so head over there for minute-by-minute updates and insight.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook opened the keynote with a nod to politics, saying "we are deeply inspired by the courage of the students who walked out" and marched on Washington, advocating for stricter gun control laws following a school shooting in Florida. It also said it is releasing new versions of its iWork productivity app, while ClassKit, a new education framework, will make it easy to assign activities and view student progress. That's more than the new iPad costs, but it includes the stylus that Apple charges extra for. The new iPad will cost schools the same $299 (and $329 for regular consumers) as the last generation. Apple's iPads accounted for 12 percent of those school devices, less than half of its market share in 2014.

Also possible: If Apple's focus is making the iPad a low-priced Chromebook competitor, it could cut some of the frills like extra storage, one of the cameras or the headphone jack.

So what can you expect to get your hands on today?

Tech giant Apple made a big announcement in Chicago at Lane Tech High School Tuesday.

One session is identified as Classrooms, which probably alludes to Apple's Classroom app, a tool used to teach groups of students with multiple iPads, with the teacher able to remotely launch apps and monitor a student's work.

Taking another shot at the competition, AAPL boasted of 200,000 education and reference apps on the App Store, suggesting that in capability they go "way beyond browser based apps".

It is very likely that we will see new iPads.