Weekend showers possible along with warmer temperatures

   NOT AGAIN Britain is facing yet another cold snap from the east

This would also bring much cooler temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday. Just bring warm clothes for after the dip! "For reference, the monthly normal rain for March is 3.62", so we could be getting close to a month's worth of rain in 3 days. A freeze, though? That's certainly possible a hand full of times through April 15th in Huntsville, and potentially as late as early May in the usual cold spots!

We can't rule out scattered thunderstorms through this afternoon too.

Snow levels will be lowering down to the valley floor, however, accumulations for most valleys in SW Montana should be on the light side. Strong south winds will help moderate temps on Monday ahead of our next system.

Our weekend weather will be controlled by a cold flow of air, as high pressure in eastern Canada keeps any spring warmth far to our south.

I hope you were able to soak up the sun this week because clouds will be making a comeback.

Winter is still holding on in North Carolina and the region will have one more chance for snow before spring weather moves in.

We will stay pretty cold through the weekend and storm activity isn't expected to cease until we get into Monday.

The snow lasts for most locations through Saturday morning, then the weather should dry up by Saturday afternoon. A little less of a chance on Sunday though.

Friday: Cloudy, maybe some sunny breaks. Highs near 50 with lows chilly in the mid 30s.

Any shower activity will dissipate tonight and the sky will become partly cloudy to clear.

A attractive start to the day with temperatures in the lower 30s and nothing but sunshine! Wet weather for Wednesday with morning showers and highs in the lower 60s with 50s and sunshine for the end of the week. Unfortunately this evening we will see the rain and snow chances move back into the area. Some of us could find ourselves hitting 60 by Thursday.

Temperatures are already in the mid-40s and likely will remain there during the rest of the afternoon.