NCAA March Madness moves on to the Sweet 16

Michigan beats Houston

The academy, as one of 11 Mountain West institutions dividing the $273K equally, banked $24,818 for the Aztecs' appearance (the teams appearing also receive a bonus).

But that school was home base for Dr. Larry Nassar, the serial sexual abuser of children, and it's a major stretch to think there weren't people at Michigan State who had been made aware of his pedophelia, yet covered it up.

I counted 14 upsets in the first two rounds, including a No. 9 that beat a No. 8, but last weekend saw most of the brackets busted before the Sweet 16. "We don't just want to go to the Sweet 16". After trading reversal points out of the bottom position at the start of the second and third periods, Lee got one more takedown as the two scrambled on the ground for a few rolls before the whistle finally blew. Two 11 seeds are left in the tournament. The Big 12's four Sweet 16 teams are the most in league history, tying a mark set in 2002.

They don't call it "Cat-lanta" for nothing.

Syracuse has certainly earned their way to this spot, having beaten three power conference teams in a period of six days.

For any college hoops fan - heck, for most fans in general - the first weekend of the men's NCAA Tournament is nearly a four-day holiday in hoops.

The Ramblers already endured a bit of hardship just getting to the court, even though they are staying at downtown hotel less than a mile from Philips Arena. "She talked about us playing for her since we were really little", Bri Porter said.

"They couldn't hit the broad side of a barn", Rigas said.

Kentucky is certainly familiar with the route to the Sweet 16. West Virginia defeated No. 12 Murray State and No. 13 Marshall by a combined 40 points, but will need to be on its best behavior - literally - against a Wildcats team that can score at will at one end of the floor and doesn't give up many free-throw chances at the other.

The Blue Devils have a pretty staggering combination of interior skill and perimeter depth. Over its past 11 games (since February 11), Duke has allowed 91.1 points per 100 possessions, the third-best defensive efficiency in Division I. In that span, Duke has played zone defense 93 percent of the time, compared to 29 percent earlier in the season. Buchter will be in competition on both Thursday (one meter) and Friday (three meter) at Minnesota's Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center.

Nevada plays an intriguing style of basketball, as Musselman lives and dies with a small rotation headlined by Caleb and Cody Martin, who are two of the top-three scorers on the roster.

The same can't be said about the defending champion North Carolina, who lost by 21-points against Texas A&M, or Cincinnati, who couldn't hang on in a two-point loss to Nevada.

CONFIDENCE GAME: Texas A&M landed a seventh seed after an up-and-down season, and the Aggies have never advanced to the Elite Eight. We have seen this all year with this team. "They know how to control the pace of the game". Some will point to hot shooting for a single game, which again would have trouble with the depth of success from lower seeds. If it were the other way around, we would all stop watching after the first round.

Kentucky's latest batch of stopover stars is coming together at just the right time. Consider the following. As recent as late February, the Cats were mired in a four-game losing streak that had United Kingdom fans drinking copious amounts of Kentucky bourbon and thinking the Cats may miss the tournament entirely.

"We'll get to work and are honored to represent WVU and the state of West Virginia", Riggs said. "We were trying to land the plane before we ran out of runway". The next night, Syracuse, the last team in the tournament, ousted Arizona State. Kentucky. I'll take John Calipari vs. Bruce Weber every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The Retrievers of the University of Baltimore-Maryland-County were the story of the weekend, despite being knocked out of the tournament Sunday against Kansas State. This might be the year that heralds a new world order, a hint that this is no longer a college basketball world that only belongs to the blue bloods.