We can do more to reduce gun violence

Students In Clark County To Continue Gun Control Activism

The marches have been called in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland that claimed 17 lives.

This, combined with the fact that there was very little organization, made it seem like the walkout was more of an opportunity for students to post on their social media about how great they were than to honor the Parkland victims or learn about steps forward that could be taken in order to prevent gun violence in the future. A 14-year-old male student is in stable condition and a 16-year-old female student is in critical condition.

Last Wednesday, tens of thousands of students around the US walked out of their classrooms to demand action on gun violence and school safety.

"Students have been reading about the planned walkouts in articles including one that was in the Scholastic journal", she said. "The minute I saw Lynda's letter, I said I'd be here".

Volunteers helped students register to vote, students received packets with information on how to contact elected officials to lobby for legislative change and Delaney Tarr and Ryan Deitsch, two students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, were videoconferenced in.

YouTube star Jake Paul has even taken time off of vlogging to go down to Florida and get involved by speaking with the survivors, teachers and politicians. "And I saw there hadn't been a Tallahassee march put together yet, so I chose to take the initiative and get that started". "Month after month, we have mass shootings...there are so many guns out there, assault rifles, designed for the military, not for the streets".

The Republican president has since released a school safety plan that includes strengthening the federal background check system and helping states pay for firearms training for teachers, while assigning the buying-age issue to a commission to study.

In its 2017 annual review of gun laws by state, Giffords Law Center ranked Maryland sixth out of 50 in terms of restrictive strength, with an 'A-' rating overall. We are calling the bluff of politicians who offer "thoughts and prayers", but push the conversation about guns to another day by promising it will happen eventually. It's not clear how many Hutchison students participated.

He went on: "OTHS has a mission statement for, 'students to become informed decision makers, engaged learners and responsible citizens in an ever-changing and diverse society". I hope you were not only talking about those who agree with you. "This action reminds me of Fred Hampton and the original Rainbow Coalition where Black, Brown and White communities were really looking at and addressing systemic issues that comes out of capitalism. I am here to support the movement", the student said. The teens have raised more than $3 million to combat gun violence in the weeks since the mass shooting killed 17.

Despite the lack of political action, Harari considers gun violence on campus a threat. Charlie Puth will perform for us, Olivia Wilde is speaking, and we have many more musicians, actors, and other public figures coming to lend their voices to the cause.

The nation's advertising and creative community has jumped in to support the youth-driven March For Our Lives demonstrations this Saturday, partnering with the Gun Safety Alliance to create posters like this one by Jake Van Yahres, titled "Enough".